Monday, May 22, 2017

Boeing delivers 550th 787 to Hainan as they increase their order; Potential 787 order from SaudiGulf Airlines

Testing Complete3
To be assembled in Everett176
To be assembled in Charleston135
Parts Arriving6
Undergoing final assembly9
Storage/Change Incorporation and Re-Work0
Change Incorporation and Re-Work1
Pre-Flight Prep9
Production Testing3
Non Customer Flight Tests3
Ready for Delivery4

Today, Boeing delivered the 550th 787 today to Hainan Airlines which announced that they will be buying an additional 13 787-9s which I presume is in addition to the 30 that they have already ordered plus the additional 787-9s that are being leased.

The aircraft ZB789 (LN 562, B-7032) is a 787-9 that is directly purchased from Boeing and not being leased.

Also out today, it was revealed that Boeing is negotiating with SaudiGulf Airlines to a widebody order consisting of both 777 and 787.  No word on number of each of sub-types as of yet but don't expect a decision on that for another couple of years.


Erwin Doornkamp said...

Hi, I really like this blog. So much details on the 787 production. Keep up the good work.

I saw a little typo on the Hainan reg. You wrote B-7032 but that should be B-7302. I saw the plane yesterday at Paine Field but didn't see it would be delivered today.

Fred Ransome said...

Its very suspicious that the GE 787-10 is not flying. Is there an GE engine or software issue that is causing the delay?

sunrisevalley said...

ZK-NZL will be the first of the 275 seaters for NZ.It will be the last for NZ with the RR 1000 engine. ZK-NZM will have the RR TEN engine installed so the change over from the 1000 engine must happen sometime in October 2017

Andrew Boydston said...

Uresh: Whatever happened to Randy's Blog? No blog since March 2017. Has he become so invested in marketing this year he doesn't have time or resources to do his blog? Andy...

Uresh said...

Good question, I'm not sure what's going on.

Marcio Denilson said...

Guys, any news about Qatar 789 deliveries?
Thank you

HK Expat said...

Hey Uresh! You may want to check the variable numbers for LN 701/718/720. They look wrong.

mrumprecht said...


Will you be doing an airshow play by play as usual? Really great consolidated source of content when you do it!

Uresh said...

Yes I plan to do updates during the Paris Air Show.