Wednesday, May 3, 2017

787 Month End Report for April 2017

Testing Complete3
To be assembled in Everett181
To be assembled in Charleston139
Parts Arriving6
Undergoing final assembly7
Storage/Change Incorporation and Re-Work0
Change Incorporation and Re-Work1
Pre-Flight Prep8
Production Testing7
Non Customer Flight Tests3
Ready for Delivery3

Boeing delivered only 9 787s (2 787-8 and 7 787-9) in April thus continuing a slower than average delivery trend during 2017.  For the year Boeing has delivered 41 787 (10 787-8 and 31 787-9) and are now up to 541 program deliveries (334 787-8 and 207 787-9).

The most notable delivery from April is the 1st 787-9 for Air France that was a direct purchase from the carrier.

Production continued at a reduced pace again due to the introduction of the 787-10 into the general 787 production system.  Boeing did roll out 11 787s and started assembly on another 10 though 3 of those that start assembly in April where also rolled out in the same month (all produced at Everett).

Looking ahead, Boeing should be able to deliver at least 10 787s this month as 9 have already had their b-1 flights and of those 9, four have had their C-1 (customer acceptance) flight.  Four more airplanes have yet to fly but their delivery dates are uncertain.  Vietnam Airlines' final 787-9 on order is among the aircraft that will be delivered this month.

787-10 testing appears to be going well.  The -10 flight test program (according to my reckoning) has flown just under 92 flight hours through April 28th spread across 24 flights.  I am using and to track the flight test program.  The -10 continues to fly only during the weekdays.  Just yesterday the 2nd 787-10 flight test aircraft (and 1st with GE engines) joined the flight test program.  I expect that ZC036 should be flying to Boeing Field latest by Monday but that all depends on the final analysis of flight test data from its first flight.  The program broke the 100 hour mark yesterday.  The third and last 787-10 flight test aircraft should be wrapping up assembly next week and I expect it to be flying by middle of June at the latest.  You can keep track of the flight test program by clicking on the "787 Spreadsheets" link below which includes the flight test tracker as well as the latest production information.

Boeing did add 2 more 787-9 to the order book in April and WestJet announced a purchase agreement to acquire 10 787-9 plus another 10 options.

787 Spreadsheets

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