Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Post Thanksgiving Cornucopia of 787 News

Now that the Thanksgiving Holidays are over 787 production and test flights are starting up again in a race to  finish off the year with the 500th 787 delivery.  Here's some tidbits of 787 news that's come out.

ZB813 (LN 512) is in the process of being repaired and should roll out in about two and half weeks on Dec. 16th.  It should have its B-1 flight on Dec. 28th and a B-2/ferry flight (for painting) on January 4th.  It seems like Xiamen approved of the repairs to the damage to the aircraft and I believe it should take delivery by the end of January.

ZC001 (LN 528), the first 787-10 should enter position 1 for the start of final assembly around Dec. 5th and the start of wing/body join.  No word on a roll out date but I suspect it'll be a little longer to build and roll out than a production 787-9 given that there'll be some testing done inside 88-30 during and after assembly.  I am guessing that roll out should occur by mid January at the very latest.

ZB246 (LN 500, F-HRBA) Air France's first 787-9 (being leased from AerCap) was delivered today and will fly to Paris tomorrow.  The carrier should receive 4 to 5 more 787s by the end of next year.

Lastly, Juneyao Airlines is the latest Chinese airline to order the 787-9.  Actually it's an MoU for 5 787-9 with an option for another 5 aircraft.  This is part of a buying spree by Chinese airlines for the 787.  One hopes that the new President doesn't fuck things up and start a trade war with China.  If that happens then all bets are off that these airplanes will be delivered except for the ones that are in production.


Jim Schorie said...

Do you know if Boeing is looking at delivering LN16 before July? I found it interesting that it has already completed the APU run and I assume fuel system testing seven to eight months before delivery.

Uresh said...

It's possible, I'm trying to get that information.

Col. Mustard said...

Any update on the status of the Charleston paint facility? Everything I read says it's to be completed by the end of the year. We're pretty much there. ZC001 might be a good plane to test on since I assume it will eventually have to be stripped and repainted.