Thursday, November 10, 2016

Boeing delivers 13 787s in October 2016

Testing Complete3
To be assembled in Everett154
To be assembled in Charleston112
Parts Arriving6
Undergoing final assembly9
Storage/Change Incorporation and Re-Work0
Change Incorporation and Re-Work4
Pre-Flight Prep7
Production Testing7
Non Customer Flight Tests1
Ready for Delivery1

Boeing delivered 13 787 Dreamliners during the past month bringing their 2016 year delivery total to 117 and total program deliveries to 480.  Boeing needs to deliver 20 more 787s in the last two months of this year to achieve 500 program deliveries, a feat they can easily accomplish baring any unforeseen problems.

Notable deliveries made during October included ZD001 (LN 15, F-OLRB) which is an early build 787.  It was delivered as Air Austral's second and final 787-8.  This year alone Boeing has delivered 5 early build 787s and is due to deliver one more in November or December.  Assuming this last delivery is made before the end of the year, Boeing has four more early build 787-8s left to re-work, fly and deliver.  these all should be done next year and thus will close out a painful side note to the 787 program.  The other notable delivery was Aeromexico's first direct purchased 787-9 was delivered in a very stunning livery.

787 production continued at the usual pace in October as Boeing started final assembly on 12 787 but during the same period they rolled out only 11 due to Hurricane Matthew temporarily shutting down operations for a few days.  The efficiency ratio for 787 production in October is 0.85 which was due to the lower than usual number of finished aircraft being rolled out as well as Boeing delivering 13 787s.  The efficiency ratio for Everett in October is 1.00 (7 aircraft rolled out and 7 delivered) while Charleston was 0.67 (4 airplanes rolled out and 6 delivered).  Again Charleston efficiency ratio is better due to artificially lower number of roll outs.

Looking to deliveries in November.  Boeing has already placed four 787s this month with their customers including Air India's first 787-8 in a couple of years as well as Uzbekistan Airway's final 787-8.  When receiving their aircraft, the airline announced that they will be taking on 3 787-9s.  It's unclear if this is a new order or if the aircraft are being leased.  Boeing is expected to delivery 5 more 787s this month including Air France's first 787-9 being leased from AerCap.  I still expect that Boeing will delivery 12 787s next month including the 500th 787.  I still don't have information as to whom it would be delivered to as of yet. Stay tuned!

787 Full Production Table

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1coolguy1 said...

Interesting AI has another 787, as they have moaned and groaned about this plane more than all the other airlines combined. Apparently they must have undergone more training or are subbing maintenance out, as I haven't heard a peep out of them for at least 6 months.