Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Boeing, Iran Air signs a MoU; Boeing starts practices for the 787 demonstration at Farnborough

Testing Complete2
To be assembled in Everett133
To be assembled in Charleston92
Parts Arriving6
Undergoing final assembly10
Storage/Change Incorporation and Re-Work1
Change Incorporation and Re-Work6
Pre-Flight Prep11
Production Testing11
Non Customer Flight Tests1
Ready for Delivery4

Boeing confirmed that they have signed an MoU to supply commercial aircraft to Iranian airlines.  The confirmation is understandably short on specifics since any deal has to go through the US Treasury for approvals as well as the Iranian government.  According to news reports the order involves at least 100 aircraft with some reports that it's a mix of 737s and 777-300ERs though there was one report that said the order may also involve 747-8Is.  Interestingly this order is supposedly for flag carrier Iran Air.  There is no word on aircraft orders for other Iranian airlines and more importantly, the media reports makes no mention of 787s being part of the MoU even though Boeing reportedly offered the aircraft.  It doesn't necessarily mean that it won't be ordered.

It's hard to get excited about this order as there are still many complications and steps before we see a 787 in Iran Air colors rolling out of the paint hangar, namely US government approval, continued political tension between the two countries, current US sanctions which places restrictions on financing and banking activity with Iran and needed in order to effectuate the final sale and delivery. Consequently, finalization of any Boeing deal with Iranian airlines will take several months to be completed, perhaps not until early next year.

Deliveries are progressing this month with 5 delivered through yesterday, June 21st.  Boeing is still on track to deliver 14 to 15 787s this month.  It could hit 15 if  they deliver ZD004 (LN 12, ET-ATL) to Ethiopian (long pole in the tent here is financing of delivery payment) and ZB416 (LN 416, JA880A).  The later has started flight practicing the aerial demonstration that it will perform at Farnborough next month.  The practice is taking place at Grant County Airport in Moses Lake.  I'm not sure if it will be delivered prior to month end or after the air show.  Right now, my latest intelligence has it being delivered by the end of this month but it has had its customer flight but I'll try to find out if the schedule has moved.  If you can't make it to Farnborough this year, here's video shot yesterday by #Avgeek OwnsGermany.

Video by OwnsGermany on You Tube

With the start of the major air show less than a month away There are a number of unidentified orders that will probably be announced including one UFO order that is already known (China Eastern Airlines for 15 787-9s).  

Qatar Airways is expected to take its 30th and final 787-8 on July 13th which is during the Farnborough Air Show even though its been ready for some weeks now.  I think the delivery was deliberately pushed to time with a possible air show announcement with Boeing.  My guess is that Qatar will announce the exercise of the 30 787 options at that time to coincide with the delivery of 787-8 number 30.

Lastly,  Boeing started final assembly on American Airlines's first 787-9 5 days ago on June 17th and yesterday they started final assembly on the first of 2 787-8s for Uzbekistan Airways.  There should be two more deliveries today, a 787-9 each to Air China (ZB49, LN 435, B-7879) and British Airways (ZB372, LN 442, G-ZBKK).  There are still 6 aircraft that have to have there C-1 flights if they're to be delivered this month.  Those flights, per the most current information that I have, should be conducted tomorrow and Friday.

787 Full Production Table

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1coolguy1 said...

The BA plane that was due to be delivered in July has been moved out to September. Is this due to the seat delivery issue (Zodiac), BA's not able to receive the plane this early or something else?