Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Planned first flight, customer flight and delivery dates for 787 deliveries in August

Here are the planned B1, C1 and delivery dates for the 787s that are projected to be handed over to customers this month.  This list, obviously, is subject to change and some deliveries may be pushed into September depending on flight testing progress and the need for additional engineering or customer flights.

LN126-C1-8/18, Del-8/25 
LN329-C1-8/19, Del-8/26 
LN330-C1-8/17, Del-8/24 
LN332-B1-8/12, C1-8/25, Del-8/31 
LN333-B1-8/14, C1-8/25, Del-8/31 
LN334-B1-8/13, C1-8/25, Del-8/31 
LN335-C1-8/21, Del-8/28 
LN336-B1-8/13, C1-8/21, Del-8/28 

787 Full Production Table


1coolguy1 said...

Kenya Airlines' (2) have been "ready for delivery" status for some time and have 9.30.15 as their delivery dates. As airlines know delivery dates YEARS in advance, are they having a financing issue?

Uresh said...

It appears to be financial in nature that's holding up delivery to Kenya.

Traveling Man said...

Commercial airliners aren't cheap. I wonder how long it takes, or how many flights it takes for a 787 to pay for itself. 737s and 777s too for that matter.

Hiromichi Notake said...

2 ANA aircrafts will be registrated as follows:

ZB692(L/N484) will be JA885A.
ZB693(L/N491) will be JA886A.

Vab Andleigh said...

Looks like Air India took too long to decide whether to upgrade their remaining 787-8's into -9's and lost their upcoming -8 delivery slots

Air India to face delay in getting Boeing Dreamliners

donhoman1944 said...

If I have read things correctly the fuel and electrical connections for the GE and RR engines are the same. The last time I saw a photo of 787's at Everett, there were some without engines, which I assume were "terrible teen" aircraft. If all that is true, is there a possibility that the "terrible teen" 787's for Ethiopian could have GE engines to be consistent with the rest of the fleet?

thanks for your work,