Thursday, May 7, 2015

Boeing records 9 787 orders in April

Despite the loss of 10 787-9 orders from United Airlines, Boeing did record 9 x 787 orders in the month including 1 x 787-8 BBJ, 2 x 787-9 for Air Tahiti Nui and 6 x 787-8 for an unidentified customer.

I believe, though I have no evidence yet, that the 6 x 787-8 orders are for Ethiopian and will come from the 6 assembled "terrible teens" that are awaiting change incorporation and re-work at Everett.

One minor change is that American Airlines will now take 20 787-8 (a reduction of one) and 22 787-9 (an increase of 1).


Piotrek_ said...

These 6 788s are listed with RR engines on order book, so customer is probably different.

Hiromichi Notake said...

ZB688(L/N454) will be registrated as JA880A.