Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Boeing to roll out 300th 787 built tonight

Very late tonight (around 9PM local) in Everett, Boeing will roll out the 300th 787 built since the production of the 787 began in 2007.  The aircraft is ZB536 (LN 303, VN-A861) a 787-9 for Vietnam Airlines.  Boeing started final assembly of this aircraft on March 6th and it took 33 days for it to go through final assembly.  It will be parked for a week or so on the 40-51 ramp undergoing minor assembly tasks after which it should go to the flightline or paint.  This is an important milestone to have reached for Boeing.

787 Full Production Table
787 Build Location By Operator 
787 Build Location By Customer


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Piotrek_ said...

LN13 is inside EMC BayAW
LN22 is inside EMC Bay A (took place after ZB001)
LN15 still stored on RWY11-29