Monday, June 30, 2014

Boeing contractually delivers first 787-9 to Air New Zealand

Boeing has delivered the first 787-9 to Air New Zealand today in a contractual delivery.  As I had earlier reported, Boeing was planning to deliver the first 787-9 ZB003 (LN 169, ZK-NZE) but the aircraft will not leave for another 9 to 10 days or so while the airlines' staff undergoes further training in Everett.

This delivery is the first of 12 787-9s that I expect Boeing will deliver this year and represents a silver lining for the company's flagship commercial aircraft program.  Though some dark clouds do remain.  I had expect Boeing to have started ETOPs/F & R testing on the 787-9 equipped with the GE GEnX-1B engines well by now word is that this won't start until later in July.  United Airlines will be the first customer to receive the GE powered version of the -9 and this was expected to be delivered at the end of July.  Now I believe the delivery won't occur until late August. 

Boeing should deliver another 787-9 to ANA in July (ZB197, LN 146, JA830A) will be delivered to the airline by around the third week of July.  The delivery of 787-9s in 2014 should be as follows:

ANA#1 - 7/2014
UA#1 - 8/2014
ANA#2 - 8/2014
ANZ#2 - 9/2014
Virgin#1 - 9/2014
UA#2 - 10/2014
Etihad#1 - 10/2014
ANZ#3 - 10/2014
Scoot#1 - 11/2014
Virgin#2 - 11/2014
Etihad#2 - 12/2014
In June Boeing, thus far, has posted an impressive 14 787 deliveries though there may be one more which I am working to confirm and the total may end up being 15 total 787s delivered in June.  This is the greatest number of 787s delivered in any one month since December of last year which saw 11 aircraft delivered.  If there is one more delivery tomorrow, Boeing would have delivered 48 787s through the first 6 months of 2014 and 162 overall since deliveries began in September 2011.  Boeing is aiming to deliver at least another 62 787s in the last 6 months though they will try for a number as high as 74 in the last 6 months which will include a few more early build 787s.  Though the 787 deliveries started 2014 very weekly, the program did finish the 2nd quarter in very strong fashion.  It remains to be seen if they finish 2014 in a similar way.


HK Expat said...

Word out of here is that Etihad #2 has been pushed into early 2015, leaving 11x 789 in 2014. I've heard LN 249 is currently the last forecast LN delivery for 2014 which would back up that claim.

Piotrek_ said...

LN202 ZB198 2nd 789 is on the flightline. Looks ready:

larmeyers said...

This isn't 787 related but Wow! Train derailment sends multiple 737 fuselages in river. Ostrower tweet:

Hiromichi Notake said...

JA831A(LN199,ZA137) is on the flightline stall 102.

Vaibhav Andleigh said...

FlightGlobal has a really detailed article discussing *all* of the changes of the 787-9 relative to the -8.

Emphasis of the article is that the -9 is much more than a simple stretch, and really takes the 787 product line to a whole new level

1coolguy1 said...

Why are the 2 ANZ 787-9's scheduled for delivery in 7/15 and 8/15? Will they be only used for testing until then, not needed by ANZ till then, etc?
I would have expected ANZ would take these as soon as possible.
Anyone know why this is?

Uresh said...

The two test airplanes have to go through change incorporation and re-work. All the test equipment and wiring have to be pulled out the airplanes have to be modified to be up to FA certification and then customer interiors have to be installed.

TravelingMan said...

@ Vaibhav Andleigh

Fantastic article. Thanks for the link.

Jet.Fuel.773-er said...

Does anybody have an idea how far along the testing for the -10 is?

Uresh said...

The -10 is still in the design phase and will not fly until 2017.

TurtleLuv said...

Uresh, you should investigate line 44, Ethiopian ET-AOP. The one that had the fire in the tail section that they repaired. It went back into service in December 2013, and flew regularly till about May 2014, but since then it's only flown 2 or 3 times, while all of the other Ethiopian 787s are flying full schedules. I'm suspicious this has something to do with the tail repair. Perhaps it's not holding up as well as it should? Inquiring minds want to know...

agincourt said...

Last flight July 11. Doesn't fly every day

Vaibhav Andleigh said...


I saw a press report that Air India had issues with its plane's landing gear in test flights this month at Boeing.

Have you heard anything to confirm this?

Uresh said...

I haven't heard anything from sources but I would be skeptical of media reports from the Indian press about the787. IF there's something up then it's something that would be fixed and then tested.

thomas85225 said...

When Boeing announce the 787 program in 2003, Boeing stated it would assembly and deliver 10 787 per months
The 787 was over 3.5 years late and Boeing has yet to return to the oriental schedule
(Note Japan builds the 35% of the 787 the other 65% is build by other aerospace companies see
Boeing only builds the tail fin in house)
Investors has file a complaint with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and class actions lawsuits see
Boeing Dreamliner Lawsuit Dismissal Upheld on Appeal ... L.P.

jetmech2 said...

It hasn't even begun yet. The -10 still needs to be built...which can only happen once it is fully designed.

jetmech2 said...

Your information is flawed. Boeing builds the vertical stabilizer in house, as well as the horizontal stabilizer and the 47 and 48 sections. The 47 and 48 are built in Charleston, the horizontal stab in Salt Lake City, and the vertical in Frederickson Washington. The parts built by Japan are the center fuselage, center fuel tank and wing. Fwd fuselage is built by Spirit Aerosystems in Kansas.
I build the planes since line 1, ZA001.