Monday, April 28, 2014

1st Air Canada 787 expected to be delivered in second week of May

Air Canada is expected to take delivery of its first 787 around May 12th subject to successful completion of all flight testing activities. ZA610 (LN 160, C-GHPQ) flew 3 test flights already though the 1st one had to be cut off 5 minutes after takeoff due to some packing foam left in a duct as well as a leaking door seal.  Both issues have been rectified.  ZA610 should conduct the 1st customer flight (C-1) on April 30th as an Air Canada crew is already in Everett to prepare for the customer flight(s) and to take the aircraft back to Toronto.  Delivery is scheduled for May 12th but the aircraft is to remain at in Everett until May 18th when it will fly away to Toronto.  The aircraft will have some special events and well as conduct some flight operations in Toronto but will start flying commercially on May 21st between Toronto and Montreal and Toronto to Zurich after that.  It is due to commence its regular run between Toronto and Haneda-Tokyo on July 1st.

Meanwhile April 787 deliveries are looking to be limited to about 5 to 6 aircraft in total.  Norwegian may have taken delivery of its 2nd fully owned 787 today and Qatar, it appears are trying to get their 13th 787 delivered before the end of the month.  There were two test flights for ZA472 (LN 150, A7-BCM) today, April 28 which indicates that they are trying to get in under the wire. Undoubtedly the the reason for the low delivery rate this month was due to the wing issues as well as the travelled work.  I do think deliveries should rebound next month as the issues are slowly being put behind them.  There were a couple more B-1 flights in the last couple of days.  Production flight tempo seems to have increased slightly but as long as it is maintained then May deliveries should be good.  Boeing needs to deliver between 12 ad 14 787s in May to stay on target for 110 Dreamliner deliveries this year.

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TravelingMan said...

Nice article on the redesign of the 737 and 777, as well as a bit on the 787.

greg said...

Quoting that Routers' article:

"The 777X may be renamed as the 797 and may get a name like the Dreamliner did."

larmeyers said...

Well, if there's soon to be a 797 then, finally, after almost 50 years, the Creedence Clearwater song "Traveling Band" will be right. :-)

larmeyers said...

Uresh, do you know why LN151/ZA436 (Hainan) is production testing out of Boeing Field rather than Everett?

Uresh said...

It's doing test flights for Boeing. Probably was part of some sort of certification of software changes that Boeing needs to make in order to improve dispatch rates but I'm not sure.

johnv777 said...

Uresh, do you know why LOT SP-LRB is currently flying from ORD to VCV. Hopefully for some upgrade rather than storage.

Uresh said...

I don't know why.

1coolguy1 said...

Uresch - So have Royal Air Morac, Transaero, etc, whose planes are in the terrible teens, taken delivery slots down the road? What are these airlines delivery status, presuming they do not want these planes?
PS: Sure liked the robot text better when it was numbers

Randy Austin said...

Creedance Clearwater lyric was "737"

LOT went to VCV for WIFI

larmeyers said...

…and for all these years I thought it was 797. Oh well… thanks for the info!