Friday, October 25, 2013

Boeing starting to push 787 output rate higher; Fog lifts (for now) in Everett

According to the firing order for Everett, Boeing is planning to gradually increase the production rate at Everett using both the permanent and surge line.  Boeing had placed 4 current in production 787s on the surge line in 40-24 leaving open the first two positions on the main final assembly line in 40-26 open.  The last two positions are occupied with ZB021 (LN 139, N789ZB) and ZA560 (LN 141).  This allows Boeing to increase the production rate without impacting any upstream or downstream airframes.  Starting next week, Boeing will be loading a 787 every 4 to 6 days.  In 40-26 the period between loadings looks to be about 10 days while in 40-24 the period between loadings appears to be about 10 to 11 days.  This means that a 787 should be going through each line in about 40 days or less.  When Boeing loads a 787 every 3.5 days in Everett (between both main and surge lines) they will be hitting a rate of about 8.5 787s per month which coupled with the 1.5/month from Charleston allows the 787 program to attain the 10/month.  I think they'll still achieve this rate sometime in early to mid December.

The air around Everett is getting clearer, literally.  Everett has been plagued by a constant bank of fog over the past few days which has severally limited test flight operations of the 787.  It hasn't had an effect on flights from Boeing Field as ZB001 continues to fly from that airport.

Today alone Boeing sent up 5 production 787s from Everett and was planning to send a sixth one up on its first (B-1) flight. This airplane was ZA435 (LN 131, B-2731) and is slated for delivery to Hainan Airlines sometime next month.  Boeing is appearing to make a huge last push to get at 5 to 8 deliveries done by end of the month and it does seem plausible that they can do it. If they were to do this then they can at least match the most 787 deliveries in one month if not surpass it. They would also deliver the 100th 787 to a customer.  We'll know by next Friday if they were able to attain this.

In closing let me leave you with one last thought:

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1coolguy1 said...

I see on flight aware that Qatar LN 109 left today @ 4.42 pm from Southern California Logistics Airport to Doha for the 16+ hour flight.

Why SoCal Logistics instead of Snohomish? Is this a final checkout location Boeing is using?

Uresh said...

It's where final installation if IFE for Qatar's planes is done.

TravelingMan said...

This is interesting. A couple of Air India workers are claiming that an Air India engineer instructed them to remove the panel that recently fell of the Dreamliner in flight. The engineer is denying it.

1coolguy1 said...

Boeing could have a GREAT month for deliveries were it not to who they are for which includes China Southern, AI and Hainan, who are always notoriously slow. These will roll to November.

TurtleLuv said...

Line 7 JA803A starts long haul ops.

1coolguy1 said...

When a plane is listed as "ready for delivery" does it mean the customer has had their final flight test(s)and have checked out the aircraft, so that it is literally waiting for the customer to fly it away?

Will said...

Looking at the list I hope the give the honor to UAL or JAL, airlines that have me more Loyal then the Chinese or Air India.