Friday, October 18, 2013

787 test aircraft possibly moving to change incorporation to prepare for delivery

ZA005, Boeing first 787 powered by GE's GEnx-1B engines looks to be done with its career as a Boeing test aircraft testing PIP for the these engines.  Matt Cawby tweeted yesterday these two tweets:

It appears that Boeing is preparing ZA005 for its second career with a paying customer, possibly a BBJ customer, by starting change incorporation at the EMC.  It will have to have the orange test flight wiring removed and be bought up to certification specs which may take as long as a year or more.  Its sister ship ZA006, also GE powered, has been in San Antonio, ostensibly going through change incorporation as well but has been there for well over a year.  This may indicate that Boeing doesn't have a customer for it as of now and are going slow on the change incorporation.

ZB002 still on the flightline, has open panels and doesn't have the aircraft registration applied to it.  This indicates that the aircraft is not yet ready to fly but I still anticipate that it will fly towards the end of next week.

Lastly, I'd like to leave you all with a the  profound thought of the day:

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TurtleLuv said...

Line 8, JA801A (first 787 delivered) on its first long haul flight:

mrumprecht said...

any news on large eithad order. 777x and 787 top up. Might be 30+ 787s?

Frankies Filmecke said...

"Delivered 98 787s to 16 customers YTD." per the earnings call.
So, two more had their (contractual) delivery. :)

Uresh said...

I think it's 96 YTD not 98.