Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Boeing to start 787-9 final assembly on May 30

Source revealed that Boeing will load ZB001 (LN 126, N789EX) on May 30th. This should lead to the rollout of the aircraft approximately 2 months later in late August. First flight is anticipated later this fall though timing is still uncertain.

Boeing has taken delivery of ZB001's horizontal and vertical tail plane as well as the wings.  In the coming two weeks we should see the delivery of the fuselage sections into Everett.

Boeing is shifting production of 787-8s to the main 40-26 and 88-03 assembly lines in Everett in case issues with the assembly of the first 787-9 encounters problems in 40-24. Already Charleston is taking on more 787-8 but the bulk of the 787-8 production will go to the main final assembly in Everett.

The other two 787-9 test airplanes will follow ZB001 in the 40-24 surge line.

Meanwhile Boeing has resumed deliveries of the 787-8. ZA513 (LN83, JA818A) was delivered to ANA marking the airlines 18th 787 and Boeing's 51st 787 delivered.

LOT Polish Airlines was to have taken its 3rd 787 (ZA272, LN 86, SP-LRC) today but that is being delayed due to some minor issues with the aircraft. Delivery is now expected to take place around Thursday.



TravelingMan said...

This is good news, I'm happy to hear it. Saw that the first new Airbus A350 has been assembled and painted. Test flights to begin soon.

Unknown said...


On your spreadsheet why is there a large gap from the Jetstar LN123 entering the 40-26 on 13/5 to the ILFC LN126 entering on 6/6??

Concentrating all efforts on LN126?

Anonymous said...

JAL has n online report on the progress of RTF at:


ANA has one at:


TurtleLuv said...

you sure JA818A flew off yesterday? There's no sign of it on flight aware or flight radar.

Uresh said...

Has not flown away yet but it has been delivered

TurtleLuv said...

Ok here she is, along with Cargolux 747-8F LX-VCH, both ready for hand over.



Uresh do you knoe where I can see a picture of Aeromexico/ilfc´s 787 that just got out?




Uresh do you knoe where I can see a picture of Aeromexico/ilfc´s 787 that just got out?



Uresh said...

This is the only pic I know of the Aeromexico 787. It's behind the ANA 787. Still not painted.

Andrew Munsell said...

Here is United's resumption schedule: