Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Boeing BoD aproves ATO for 777X

Boeing Board of Director gave BCA the ok to enter into discussion with customers on the pricing, delivery, and technical aspects of the 777X a third generation of the large Boeing twin.  With this ATO, Boeing now has 2 large twins with the Authority to Offer to customer airlines but Boeing still needs to formally launch the aircraft once they have acceptable deals in place for each.

One question that still remains is where to build the 777X and especially the wings which Boeing plans to construct from composites (CFRP).  More than likely I expect that both the aircraft and the wing would be built in Everett due to the expense of establishing a new final assembly site along the difficulty of transporting a large wing from site to site.

I do think that it is not unreasonable to think that both the 787-10 and the 777X can be formally launched at the Paris Air Show though it can also happen at the Dubai Air Show in November.


Anonymous said...

as much as this important step has now finally happened, just wish I would start hearing orders instead of almost there, feed back has been positive or lots of interest in these new aircraft. How many frames or orders do they need to actually get it going and officially launch it??

Andrew Munsell said...

Qatar resumed service today

TravelingMan said...

I've read that the 777 is Boeing's most profitable plane. It's important to get an upgraded version out there to the market soon. I wonder though, why they don't make the fuselage from composites like they've done with the 787, in addition to the wings. Is it because they'd have to get it recertified? Given that they don't plan to roll it out until the end of the decade anyway, you'd think they'd have plenty of time to go through the recertification process. Plus, they've learned the lessons of the 787 and have that experience to their advantage. Just saying.