Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 2012 787 Deliveries

I just got information from a source that Boeing MAY only deliver just 1 787 which will be ZA233 (LN 29, VT-AND) for Air India.  Given that the other two 787s (ZA506, LN 47, JA809A and ZA507, LN48, JA810A) that are on the flight line have not even flown there may be a lot of truth to this though they can still be delivered if Boeing conducts company and customer test flight over the next 3 weeks.  I am not sure for the delay but it does appear that Boeing may be setting for quite a few deliveries in June.  There has been speculation of which 787s that are in Boeing's EMC.  I've gotten some of that information and it does appear that the following ANA 787s are inside the EMC: ZA100 (LN7), ZA508 (LN 51), and ZA509 (LN 56).  Additionally there is a JAL 787 most likely ZA178 (LN 27).  There is another 787 which may be for either United or Qatar.


HK Expat said...

Hi Uresh - what about VT-ANH (ZA236 / LN35)? Has it been delayed? As recently as a week ago, Indian media were saying it would be the first delivery?
Thanks for the great blog!

Michael Lowrey said...

JA809A was first seen fresh out of the paint hanger on April 17. It would be disappointing indeed if she isn't delivered in May -- and it really shouldn't be taking Boeing six weeks plus to conduct the final preps for flight and flight testing this far in to the program.

Joostdg said...

Well they answered you:P. Flightplan for BOE506(B787-8) was just filled. Lets hope it is not cancelled.

Johanny said...

This next batch of ANA birds are meant to be the new "domestic" (9-abreast Y) configuration ones. JA809A will be the first, so that may explain why it will take longer to deliver. Matt Cawby reports that this bird has a N-reg (N1015X) attached.

Joostdg said...

And off course it was cancelled. Matt Cawby expects first flight to be early in the morning. And Johanny why would that take longer? This seats don't take that much time right? Or does the configuration have more significant changes as well?

Johanny said...

Not sure of the exact configuration changes, but the airplane had "Experimental" above the 1R door during it's taxi test.

johnv777 said...

Hi Uresh, In looking at the pictures in Matt's blog yesterday, I noticed that the return of BOE506 from it's B1 showed the emergency generator extended. (think it is called a RAT, but not sure) I have never noticed this before. Could this be some sore of test, and the reason for the Experimental sticker?

Joostdg said...

wow john i didn't even notice that. Very sharp eye there!

But I don't think it is. at :

You can see one of JAL's 787 using the RAT to. (You are correct about that btw it is a Ram Air Turbine)

and some more:
ANA 787 (first one)
ANA 787 JA805A

Uresh said...

It's common for Boeing to test the RAT on all B1 flights of their airplanes.

johnv777 said...

Uresh & Joostdg - Thank you for the info. I never noticed this before. :)

larmeyers said...

Hope you don't mind me asking here, but does anyone know why 747-8 Boe521 has been flying so much lately? Are they testing something?

Michael Lowrey said...


Yes, testing the horizontal stabilizer fuel tank issue. This article explains it: http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/boeing-testing-modal-suppression-for-747-8i-stabilizer-371355/