Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Boeing flies first SC built 787 and Air India will take delivery this month

Boeing has successfully flown the first North Charleston built 787 today (LN 46) for Air India.  The B1 flight flight lasted about 5 hours as it flew off the South Carolina coast.  The plane will later fly to Texas where it will be painted and then return to Charleston for further test flights and delivery to Air India at the end of June.

Here's Boeing's press release:

Boeing Conducts Inaugural Flight of First 787 Built in South Carolina
Dreamliner on track for mid-year delivery to Air India 
NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C., May 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing (NYSE: BA) today marked another 787 milestone as the first Dreamliner built in South Carolina completed its first flight. Piloted by Tim Berg and Randy Neville, the airplane successfully conducted a five-hour test flight. More than 5,000 Boeing South Carolina employees watched a live broadcast of the airplane as it took off from Charleston International Airport. 
"This is a proud moment for our Boeing South Carolina team and for Boeing," said Jack Jones, vice president/general manager, Boeing South Carolina. "In April, we gathered on the flightline to watch this airplane roll out of final assembly. Today, we watched as this airplane successfully completed its first production flight - one step closer to delivering our first South Carolina-built 787 Dreamliner to our customer." 
Today's production flight test profile tested the airplane's controls and systems in a series of scenarios designed to verify the airplane operates as designed. The tests occurred in all stages of flight beginning prior to taxi, through final landing and taxi. 
During the flight, the crew checked the functionality of onboard systems at high and medium altitudes. They also checked backup and critical safety elements including cabin pressurization, avionics, and navigation and communications systems. In addition, they shut down and re-started each engine during flight. 
"First flight of this South Carolina-built airplane is a significant achievement and our teammates did a great job working together to make this happen," said Berg. "The airplane performed exactly as we expected." 
The airplane will be flown to Ft. Worth, Texas to be painted with Air India's livery before returning to Boeing South Carolina for a mid-2012 delivery.

Speaking of Air India, 787 and delivery...this soap opera couldn't get any weirder.  It was reported (in the Indian press and picked up by the local US press) that the Aviation Minister, Ajit Singh, was not going to travel to the US for the delivery because it was being pushed back two weeks.  Now today Air India says they will take delivery of the first 787 at the end of May and that Singh's cancellation was due to the on going Air India-pilots saga.

Meanwhile as Air India tries to sort out its mess here's a couple of articles of interest:

Inside Boeing’s 787 Factory

Air India to get its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner by May-end  

While we're waiting for more 787 deliveries, here's some more pictures of the Blue Angels here at Long Island:

Blue Angels at Republic Airport


HK Expat said...

Unfortunately no new airlines in LN 76-80...
Are we expecting any new ones before Thomson at LN92???

Shouldn't be any new ANAs for a while as they only expect 20 by 31-Mar-13 and have 24 already in the system. Same for Air India who expect 8 by 31-Dec-12 and have 13 in the system. Ethiopian & LAN are both full out already at 5 as planned until 31-Dec-13.

On the other hand, JAL should see at least 3 new ones in the system to meet 10 plane target by 31-Mar-13. Qatar needs at least 1 new one to meet target of 5 by 31-Dec-12. United may see 1-2 more depending how fast the rework gets done to get to 5 by 31-Dec-12.

Norwegian and BA should in theory be next around same time as Thomson!


Joostdg said...

Thanks for the great update and for sharing these nice pictures!

I have 1 new c/n for you.
34506 JA810A

Johanny said...

JA809A isn't "Experimental" anymore so there's one moving towards delivery. JA810A has now been tagged with "Experimental"

Johanny said...

And the saga continues... sounds like Cargolux all over again...

Joostdg said...

Hey Uresh,

Question, shouldn't there have been 2 more line moves? On your sheet it shows these planes in final assembly sincen may 17th. Has production slowed?


Johanny said...

Check out the fuel dock, looks like one for Qatar (ln 64 maybe?)

Also, JA812A is now on the flightline from the fuel dock. JA811A is missing from the sequence (possibly ln56)