Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First SC built 787 to roll out at end of April, 787 production update

Boeing announced that the first 787 built in North Charleston will roll out of final assembly on April 27th. This aircraft, ZA237 (L/N46), is destined for Air India and should be delivered this summer. Even though it is rolling out it will probably go through a more extensive battery of ground and gauntlet testing as this is the first 787 built outside of Everett where most of the assembly technicians are new to building this aircraft. After gauntlet testing Boeing will conduct a B-1 test flight and then fly the aircraft to Texas where it will be painted. It will return to North Charleston to finish pre-delivery Boeing and customer test flights. I don't know if it already has the customer interior installed but that could happen just before painting but after flying the initial test flight. In case the test flight has uncovered any issues that need to be corrected, Boeing techs will probably want unrestricted access to any areas. Interior fittings like seats, galleys, and restrooms can get in the way.

Lastly, I updated the 787 production firing order with LN71-LN75. One slight change is that LN 63 which was going to be for Hainan Airlines is now going to ANA with Hainan now getting LN 73. I was able to get some information on where these particular airplanes will be built as well. These 5 frames are, for now, scheduled to go to Ethiopian (2 frames), Air India, Hainan, and LAN. Interesting no new first delivery frames in this lot.


petera380 said...

Hello, any chance you could add a column with the 787 model? For example, -881 for ANA, -837 for AI etc? Thanks.


Uresh said...

I would if somebody can give me that information

Joostdg said...

I have. All airlines in your sheet:

ANA 787-881
JAL 787-846
Air India 787-837
LAN 787-816
Royal Air Maroc 787-8B6
China Southern 787-81B
Ethiopian 787-860
United 787-822 or if the use continetal code 787-824
Qatar 787-8DZ
LOT 787-85D
Hainan 787-84P

and some of the ones to come:
Aeroméxico 787-8Q8
Air Seychelles 787-87D
Royal Jordanian 787-8D3
British Airways 787-836

if you need more just tell me

Uresh said...

This is great, thanks! Does anyone have the individual C/N for each aircraft?

Joostdg said...

Yeah sure, they are listed at for the first 44 planes. The rest I don't know but should pop up here when they get closer to delivery.
1 40690
2 40691
3 40692
4 40693
5 40694
6 40695
7 34485
8 34488
9 34486
10 38464
11 ----
12 34505
13 ----
14 34498
15 34491
16 38465
17 35507
18 34487
19 35508
20 34831
21 34833
22 34510
23 34832
24 34497
25 36273
26 36274
27 34834
28 36279
29 36278
30 36277
31 34514
32 36275
33 34835
34 34923
35 36276
36 34924
37 34836
38 34837
39 34743
40 34515
41 34508
42 34490
43 ----
44 34744

btw at that link you can find some of the customer codes i listed in my previous post as well. The rest Ill put on a list and post later this weekend.

Uresh said...

Thanks, it's much appreciated.

petera380 said...

I also have these:

35304 B787-8Q8 Aeromexico (ILFC)
35306 B787-8Q8 Aeromexico (ILFC)
35308 B787-8Q8 Aeromexico (ILFC)
35313 B787-8Q8 Air Berlin (ILFC)
35320 B787-8Q8 Air Berlin (ILFC)
38756 B787-8Q8 Air Berlin (ILFC)
36282 B787-837 VT-ANJ Air India
36283 B787-837 VT-ANK Air India
36284 B787-837 VT-ANL Air India
36285 B787-837 VT-ANM Air India
36286 B787-837 VT-ANN Air India
36287 B787-837 VT-ANO Air India
36288 B787-837 VT-ANP Air India
36289 B787-837 VT-ANQ Air India
36290 B787-837 VT-ANR Air India
36291 B787-837 VT-ANS Air India
36292 B787-837 VT-ANT Air India
36293 B787-837 VT-ANU Air India
36294 B787-837 VT-ANV Air India
36295 B787-837 VT-ANW Air India
36296 B787-837 VT-ANX Air India
36297 B787-837 VT-ANY Air India
36298 B787-837 VT-ANZ Air India
36299 B787-837 Air India
35307 B787-8Q8 Air Sychelles (ILFC)
35309 B787-8Q8 Air Sychelles (ILFC)
38609 B787-836 G-ZBJA British Airways
38610 B787-836 G-ZBJB British Airways
38611 B787-836 G-ZBJC British Airways
38612 B787-836 G-ZBJD British Airways
38613 B787-836 G-ZBJE British Airways
38614 B787-836 G-ZBJF British Airways
38615 B787-836 G-ZBJG British Airways
38619 B787-836 G-ZBJH British Airways
32323 B787-846 Japan Air Lines
35313 B787-846 Japan Air Lines
35314 B787-846 Japan Air Lines
35315 B787-846 Japan Air Lines
35316 B787-846 Japan Air Lines
35317 B787-846 Japan Air Lines
35318 B787-846 Japan Air Lines
35319 B787-846 Japan Air Lines
35320 B787-846 Japan Air Lines
35321 B787-846 Japan Air Lines
35322 B787-846 Japan Air Lines
35324 B787-846 Japan Air Lines
35325 B787-846 Japan Air Lines
35312 B787-8Q8 Royal Jordanain (ILFC)
35314 B787-8Q8 Royal Jordanain (ILFC)

Joostdg said...

yeah i got those(and more) but there are of no use until they are assigned L/N. Do you have those?

Uresh said...

No not yet. I'm going to try and get a few every month.

WB wellington said...

Hi there,

I am not particularly knowledgeable on the 787 but know that Continental is starting a direct service Houston- Auckland once it receives delivery of this aircraft. On current delivery targets when do you estimate that this service will commence?

Joostdg said...

as promised al model names:

Customer 787-8 787-9
Aeroflot 787-8M0 -
Aeroméxico 787-8Q8 -
Air Astana Note 1 -
Air Berlin 787-8BJ -
Air Canada 787-833 -
Air China - 787-99L
Air Europa 787-95P -
Air France-KLM - Note 2
Air India 787-837 -
Air New Zealand - 787-9F1
Air Niugini Note 1 -
Air Seychelles 787-87D -
All Nippon Airways 787-881 787-981
Arik Air - 787-9JE
Avianca 787-859 -
Aviation Capital Group 5
Azerbaijan Airlines 787-82L -
Biman Bangladesh Airlines 787-8E9 -
British Airways 787-836 787-936
China Southern Airlines 787-81B -
Delta Air Lines 787-832 -
Ethiopian Airlines 787-860 -
Etihad Airways - 787-9FX
Gulf Air 787-8P6
Hainan Airlines 787-84P -
Icelandair 787-808 -
Japan Airlines 787-846 787-946
Jet Airways 787-85R -
Kenya Airways 787-8U8 -
Korean Air - 787-9B5
LAN Airlines 787-816 787-916
LOT Polish Airlines 787-85D -
Norwegian Air Shuttle 787-8JP -
Oman Air 787-81M -
PrivatAir 787-8AK -
Qantas 787-838 787-938
Qatar Airways 787-8DZ -
Royal Air Maroc 787-8B6 -
Royal Jordanian 787-8D3 -
Saudi Arabian Airlines - 787-968
Singapore Airlines - 787-912
Travel Service 787-8FN -
TUI Travel PLC 787-K5 -
United Note 3
Uzbekistan Airways 787-83P
Vietnam Airlines 787-86K 787-96K
Virgin Atlantic Airways - 787-91R

Note 1 No customer code (first aircraft ordererd directly from Boeing)
Note 2 two customer codes KLM: 787-906 Air France:787-928
Note 3 two customer codes United: 787-822 Continetal: 787-824/924 wil all be delivered in new United livery

@WB wellington: Continental is not doing anything anymore:P United will receive its first 787 late summer this year and the will also need the etops 330 rating for that route. So probably in Q4 of this year.

Uresh said...

Thanks Joostdg,
This is great stuff and it is very appreciated!

Joostdg said...

No problem happy to help! You are the one doing all the work. :)

btw does anyone know why ZA005 just left Boeing Field for charleston?

Uresh said...

ZA005 is doing a fly past of the RBS Heritage Golf Tournament at Hilton Head.

johnv777 said...

I am seeing some news reports that Air India will receive their first 787 within 2 weeks. So we might just have 4 deliveries in April (2 JAL, 1 ANA, 1 AI) Uresh, have you heard anything to confirm this.

Uresh said...

I haven't heard anything. VT-ANH is still in San Antonio and I would think it wold have been bought back to Everett to at least start customer test flights before delivery.

Rob said...

I was under the impression that LN#35 was in San Antonio just to save space in Everet and that it was all but ready for delivery after it's trip to India. (The main sticking points were compnsation for production delays as well as AI figuring out the financing)

Do you know why LN#29 is in San Antonio and how close it is to being ready?

Uresh said...

I don't have any further info on these particular frames.

Unknown said...

From your chart it looks as though production has slowed dramatically in the last 7 weeks.