Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2 more JAL 787s to deliver tomorrow

Boeing is set for another 787 double delivery to customer Japan Airlines.  This time two more late built 787s will be delivered on April 25th.  Fly away to Japan is expected around the 26th or 27th, in time for JAL to start 787 service to Moscow and Delhi in May.  Japan Airlines is expecting to have 10 787s in its fleet by March 31, 2013.  There are still 3 more JAL 787s at Everett that have yet to finish change incorporation.  The two 787s that will be delivered are ZA180 (LN 37, JA826J) and ZA181 (LN38, JA827J).

Boeing is preparing ZA506 (LN47, JA809A) for delivery to ANA.  This is probably not going to happen until May with it's first flight sometime in the first two weeks of May.  This will be ANA's 8th 787. Again Boeing is still clearing out the late and very late built aircraft but clearing out the first 23 787s built has been very slow (LN7 - LN29)

Additionally, it's expected that Boeing will finally deliver Air India's first Dreamliner though the first one ZA236 (LN 35, VT-ANH) is still in San Antonio.  It's sister, ZA233 (LN29, VT-AND) has been flying around San Antonio and may be flying to Paine Field right now.  This airplane will still need to have its interior installed when it gets back to Everett so it won't be ready for delivery until late May at the earliest.

Finally on Friday Boeing will roll out the first 787 to be built at Boeing Charleston.  This airplane, ZA237 (LN46) is destined for Air India and should be delivered around June.  Given that this is the first 787 to be built at Charleston, Boeing will probably take its time doing the needed gauntlet testing before conducting its first flight.  Boeing will then send the plane to Amarillo, Texas where Leading Edge Aviation Services is contracted to paint the Charleston built Dreamliners.  Boeing Charleston doesn't have a paint hangar unlike Everett but I can see that changing with Boeing's acquisition of more land near the plant.  The airplanes will then be flown back to Charleston where the interiors will be fitted and further Boeing and customer test flights will be completed.


johnv777 said...

Hello Uresh,
There is an article in the Charleston Regional Business Journal stating that there are 3 additional frames on the FAL in Charleston behind LN 46 to be rolled out Friday.
I would guess these are:
LN 54 - AI - Position # 3
LN 60 - Qatar Position # 2
LN 65 - JAL Position # 1

Reference is below:


Uresh said...

Yeah, Ill get confirmation on the specific frames that are going through the assembly process, thanks!

Joostdg said...

Thanks for the update, your the best!!!

Will said...
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johnv777 said...

Looks like another frame has received GE engines. The picture shows a unknown LN# in the ATS hanger.


johnv777 said...

Although this article is written in Polish, the accompanying photo shows LN# 61 for LOT in Final Assembly Line position #4, indicating that another line move has occurred. Boeing seems to have hit a steady rhythm.


johnv777 said...

I just noticed this little bit of information on Twitter.

Brendan Kearney ‏ @Kearney_Brendan

If I didn't mention earlier, all 4 of the #Dreamliners in #BowingChs are for Air India
9:45 AM - 27 A

Rob said...

With the rollout from Charleston today I have seen some reports that the first (4) frames from there will go to Air India. That looks to be differnt from what you are reportig. Have you seen these reports?


Uresh said...

I'll look into it.

Joostdg said...

I am reading it in more and more sources now. Maby it is part of the compensation settlement? that the get more planes this year? Also in one of the articles it says that they are now shipping parts for ln/67 to everett. This would mean 2 more line moves since your last update. 1 is for sure because of the article johnv777 posted. But this would suggets an other, it would fit the 3,5/m time table btw.

Joostdg said...

http://paineairport.com/images/fl043012.jpg shows ln/61 on the flightline. Also JA809A has been to the compas rose so should be almost ready for first flight.

Henman said...

What happens at the compass rose Joost?