Saturday, December 31, 2011

Updated 787 deliveries till Jan. 4th

UPDATE: The flyaway (from Everett) should occur on the 4th for 805A and 807A which means delivery (formal paper signing and transfer of money) should occur by the 3rd of January.

Just got a message as well as saw a posting on an forum that all three 787s that were due to be delivered around now have "gone tech" meaning there is a maintenance related issue with all three airplanes.

JA805A (L/N 31, ZA116) was supposed to depart Everett 2 days ago and is now schedule to be flown out on Jan. 4th in an evening depature. JA807A (L/N 41, ZA104) will fly out the same day a little later after JA805A has left(it was to deliver on Dec. 30th and fly out a couple days later).

JA804A's (L/N 9, ZA102) delivery was also scheduled for Dec. 30th (fly out a couple days later) but also cancelled though for unknown reasons. It is not known when it will be ready for delivery though this aircraft has flown as recently as Dec. 30th (as had ZA104).

Currently there are no other 78 deliveries scheduled in January but this doesn't mean that Boeing will not deliver any more beyond the two aforementioned aircraft. The situation is very fluid and it is unknown if the issues affecting these two aircraft is something more endemic throughout all the 787s or if this a one off situation.


johnv777 said...

I am very disappointed with this news, but not surprised as I felt the targets were too optimistic given the amount of work needed and the track record of issues. As a project manager myself, I am way too familiar with management setting unrealistic goals with zero margin of error. Stuff always happens!
Having said that, now that the "artificial" target and pressure of year end is passed, Boeing can focus on getting the issues resolved and the frames delivered. I look forward to a successful 2012.
Thank you Uresh for providing us these updates.

graeme77 said...

This whole saga of false targets (up to 40 aircraft to be delivered this year only a few short months ago) raises serious questions regarding Boeing's management. Are they so unaware of the real state of affairs, or do they find value in issuing these fantastic delivery predictions only to see their credibility in ashes, yet again? Why have they had such an aversion to give realistic targets and honest information over the last three years? It really makes you wonder...

Anonymous said...

It is rather like a comedy of errors, an incredibly frustrating one at that. I can't help but keep holding my breath, however, that they'll get the kinks ironed out soon.

johnv777 said...

YEA - Looks like Boeing squeaked one delivery in - Airline Reporter says ZA116, JA805A was signed for on DEC 30th.