Tuesday, October 5, 2010

787 Production Update

Over the next few months Boeing will start final assembly on 787s for Qatar, Korean, United/Continental and Polish Lot Airways. Of the first 57 production 787s to come off the assembly line, ANA will get the most...15 of which 10 are already assembled. This will be followed by 8 for Japan Airlines, 8 for Air India, 5 for United/Continental, 4 for Ethiopian and 3 for China Southern.

Qatar Airways will see it's first 787 assembled by ZA460 (LN 57 or the 57th 787 off the line). Because of the noise tha this airline has created surrounding the delays to their order, Qatar will get 4 787s in quick succession. They will receive the 57th, 58th, 60th and 62nd 787 to be built. Qatar is planning for introduction of these airplanes in 2011. A 787 for LOT will be sandwiched between the two Qatar 787s.

You can see the list below:


Dan said...

Thanks for the update to the list. Im hanging out to see Jetstar (aka QF) appear on that list. Since the delivery of the first is in 2012 itll probably be closer to LN100.

Also RR's engine numbers get pretty thin once all the ANA birds are built.

sunrisevalley said...

Is anything known of the extent of the weight reduction that was to start at the 20th frame?

Uresh said...

No, not yet, that information is being kept very, VERY close to the vest at Boeing.. No one dares talk about that outside of Boeing.

Varo said...

Could someone send me the list??
I can not find it!!
Thanks in advance

Uresh said...

Varo, The list is embeded in the post.