Sunday, October 31, 2010

787 and 747-8I news

Well let's start with something new. Below is a video of the first 747-8I, RC001, being rolled to the 747 final assembly slant position in Everett. This aircraft should be rolled out late this year or very early next year with first flight occurring during the 1st quarter of 2011. The 747-8I's flight test program will consist of two aircraft and should take only 4 months as the 747-8F is certifying much of the 747-8 aircraft. First delivery is still targeted for end of 2011 to a Kuwaiti sheikh and to Lufthansa in early 2012.

Video Courtesy of the Boeing Company

On to the 787...The flight test program has increased its pace in the last two weeks, with flying almost 230 hours. The GE powered 787 have been getting a real work out of late as well with both ZA005 and ZA006 flying longer duration missions. While these hours have increased the hours per flight they are not ETOPs flights. It is expected that ETOPs flights won't begin until January.

Boeing, I believe is pretty comfortable with the pace of flight testing at this point that they are going to send ZA006 on a marketing trip to Paris and Amsterdam in order to woo Air France/KLM for their potential 100 aircraft order. The company is expected to chose between the 787 and the A350 though the 787 offering the GEnx may have an advantage. Flightblogger has details about this story in his latest post:

Flightblogger: Boeing appears set to woo Air France/KLM with 787 visit

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