Thursday, July 1, 2010

Update to 787 test flight fleet status

I got a little update on the 787 flight test status.

The quick and dirty is that airplanes will be back in the air very soon.

ZA005 should fly again very soon, probably tomorrow. ZA004 can return to the skies as early as Saturday July 3rd and ZA002 should fly again around July 9th. Both ZA001 and ZA003 will return to the air on July 12th. This plan does give Boeing room to do any rework on the horizontal stabilizers as well as conduct post rework inspections and certify ready to resume flight testing.


GP said...

have report and pictures of a 787 doing touch and go in Colorado Springs this past weekend. The plane had a GE engine. cheers, GP

Uresh said...

Taht would be ZA005. It was flying between Boeing Field and Colorado Springs.