Monday, July 19, 2010

Farnborough 2010, Day 1

While yesterday's attention was focused on the arrival of the 787 to Farnborough and part of today's attention was focused skywards on the flight displays, there were some order announcements that were announced today. Here's a summary of what transpired during the day today:

Aeroflot - 11 x A330-300
Air Lease Corp - 31 x A320, 20 x A321
GECAS - 60 x A320
Total - 91 x A320, 20 x A321, 11 x A330

Emirates - 12 x 777-300ER (30 total, 18 were previously ordered this year as an unidentified customer)
GECAS - 40 x 737-800
Norwegian Air Shuttle - 15 x 737-800 (exercise of purchase rights)
Total - 55 x 737-800, 12 x 777-300ER

Qatar Airways - 2 x G5000 Business Jets, 1 x Challenger 605
Total - 2 x G5000, 1 x Challenger 605

Kartika Airlines - 30 SSJ-100 Super Jets
Total - 30 x SSJ-100

One note about the Emirates order for the 777-300ER, this order is meant to replace the 737 order from DAE Capital that had placed huge orders for both Boeing and Airbus products in 2007 at the Paris Air Show. This is according to a report by Dominic Gates of the Seattle Times. So this is not a new revenue order for Boeing. This is going to be true for Airbus where the 32 A380s that Emirates ordered at the Berlin Air Show was a replacement of DAE's Airbus order. Read Dominic's post HERE.

Apparently there will be more orders for both large manufacturers and possibly Bombardier (for the C-Series), if Qatar Airways and P&W can overcome hurdles in their negotiations. Look for Air Lease Corp (Steven Udvar-Hazy's new airplane leasing company) to order the 737-800 as well as Saudi Arabian Airlines to order the 777-300ER (though this may be an order that is already booked on Boeing Order web site). Airbus may receive and order for up to 70 A320s from LAN Airlines. There is also a rumor of Turkish placing an order for both the A350 and the 787 at the air show but that's unconfirmed. Boeing and Airbus have both promised more order announcements over the next few days.

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Roy Navon said...

You have a mistake in the total Boeing orders.
Its 55 737-800, not 787-800.