Thursday, June 10, 2010

ZA003 taking a jaunt around the western US

Most the 787 test flights involved flying circuits around Washington State (when they at Boeing Field) or over the Pacific (when at Victorville). Well today ZA003 is taking a a leisurely jaunt around the country according to The track takes the 787 eastward over Washington, Idaho and Montana then heads southeast over Wyoming, Colorado, nips a part of Kansas then over Oklahoma into Texas. It takes a right turn over Texas then flies a north westerly route over southern New Mexico and southern Arizona going into California close to the California-Mexico border and flies along that border at which point near San Diego it will turn north and fly over LA and San Francisco. It then takes a direct northerly route from there going over northern California, through Oregon and into Washington State and ending at Boeing Field in Seattle. This flight test should last a little over 8 hours.

Check out the Flightaware live flight tracking for this flight.

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