Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The first 43

With Boeing poised to restart final assembly of the 787 I was wondering where the production 787s are heading. I do have a spreadsheet below listing the 787 production and where the individual aircraft are heading. I was only able to get information up to the 49th 787 built (the first 6 are the test flight airplanes with the last three earmarked for customers) but it is interesting where most of the 787s are heading to. Many of the first 43 production airplanes are heading for ANA with Air India taking quite a few as well. Here who getting how many:

ANA - 15 787s
Air India - 10 787s
Japan Airlines - 8 787s
China Southern Airlines - 3 787s
LAN - 2 787s
RAM - 2 787s
Ethiopian Airlines - 2 787s
Continental Airlines - 1 787


Dan said...

Thanks for the info Uresh.

Lots and lots of GEnx engines in there aside from ANA. What is the overall ratio of GE/RR as it stands? Must be heavily in favour of GE?

Uresh said...

Dan I suspect you're right about carrierrs picking mostly GE. I'm not sure what the ratio is but I could find out given the announced engine selections.

Peter said...

according to Wikipedia (sometimes ? I know) the current balance is 378 GE and 220RR