Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Flightblogger: Fix installation to start next week

Flightblogger is citing program sources as saying that Boeing will start installing the side of body reinforcement fix for ZY997 and ZA001 next week. The fix should take about a month to complete meaning that ZA001 should reemerge from the Boeing paint hangar around mid to late October. Modifying each aircraft takes about three months but that time includes the time needed to prep each aircraft to receive the modification and to remove the necessary panels and gain access to the areas where the work crews will install the parts. The actual parts installation should take about a month.

ZY997 is receiving the fix concurrently with ZA001 will undergo the same wing stress test that had revealed the problem in the first place. This is to ensure that the modifications work as modelled on Boeing's 787 FEM. Once the fix is validated then ZA001 should be cleared to undertake high speed taxi tests and rejected take off tests prior to first flight.

Lastly, Flightblogger says that Boeing is about to start final assembly on ZA104 (LN10) which is the 4th production 787. The 787 line in building 40-26 should pulse today clearing the way for ZA104 to be moved into position 1 on the assembly line. That means that ZA100 will be in position 4, ZA101 will be moved to position 3 and ZA102 will be moved to position 2.

Look for the other test flight 787s to also have the modification installed in them over the next couple of months. Timing is still yet unknown.

Flightblogger: 787 fix installation to start next week

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