Thursday, September 24, 2009

Boeing: 787 Side of Body Fix underway

According to a blog posting by Randy Tinseth, Boeing has started the modifications to the side of body joint on ZY997 (static test air frame) and ZA001. He stated in the post that the other aircraft will start the modifications in the coming days.

My estimate is that the actual installation of the fix and closeouts of the 787 should take about 4 to 5 weeks. This should bring Boeing to the end of October in terms of the schedule. They would need a few weeks to test the fix on the static airframe and to analyze the data to make sure that full strength has been returned to the side of body.

787 "mod" underway

Lastly, Randy said that ZA001 is still located in the paint hangar while ZA002 is in the temporary structure on the flight line, ZA003 is in the factory, ZA004 is in the rented hangar at ATS, ZA005 is in the factory and ZA006 is next to ZA004 at ATS. ZY998 is out on the flightline presumably waiting for ZA002 to vacate the temporary structure so then it can receive it's mods.

Flightblogger is also reporting the same information and has a few more details.

Flightblogger 787 fix post

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