Thursday, July 2, 2009

Boeing: Final Gauntlet Testing started on ZA001

Boeing has confirmed to me that final gauntlet testing has begun on ZA001 and is currently on going. Boeing will have a better idea of when taxi tests will start after the completion of the gauntlet tests. Since tomorrow is a holiday for the US due to the July 4th holiday the test team may elect to continue testing on Friday if it's warranted.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea when Boeing will make a statement about the schedule of repair for the 787 wing condition?

There will be an Earnings Conference on July 22 and I am sure it will come up. They may want to say something before the Conference to avoid too many questions.

Anonymous said...

Will there be continued testing on all of the six test planes during this period?

Have they started to repair the ZA097 (?) the plane used for the stress test...the one that will have to be used again to test the solution that is required.

Anonymous said...

Could you tell us the chronological progress of the six test planes.

How close to completion is test plane #3 ?