Wednesday, July 22, 2009

787 Tid Bits from Boeing

With today 2nd quarter earnings release from Boeing we also got a little bit more information on the status of the 787.

1) Boeing will release a revised schedule sometime during the 3rd quarter (of this year).
2) Boeing has identified a fix and have conducted some very initial testing
3) The fix they have chosen is straight forward
4) Boeing is looking at ways to carefully implement the fix in the aircraft. This confirms Flightblogger's earlier post that the accessibility to the area needed to install the fix is going to be difficult. Boeing says that they won't sacrifice quality of the 787 for speed though.
5) The new delays will be putting pressure on the 787 profitability (though I'm not sure if that's overall profitability or short term profitability).
6) McNerney says that the787 issue is a local issue with a localized fix needed. This is not an issue with the overall wing design.
7) Boeing says that certification work is still ongoing.
8) Positive news - ZA003 and ZA004 have had power on

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