Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Near term 787 dates

I just got some new information on some near term 787 goals (near term, meaning over the next week). I got confirmation that the forward fuselage for Dreamliner 6 (ZA006) was delivered into Everett last night on the Dreamlifter. That leaves the main fuselage to be delivered. That part should arrive from Global Aeronautica in Charleston, SC on March 13th (this Friday).

The line move that was supposed to occur on March 8th is now slated to occur on March 14-15th.

After that the parts for Dreamliner 6 will be moved into position 1 on the 787 line around March 16th to start final assembly.

Lastly, AF-KLM has announced that they will decide between the 787 and the A350 by the end of 2009 or early 2010. If Airbus doesn't get GE to sign on to the A350 then the odds are in favor of the 787 getting the nod.

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