Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Strange 787 flight

Ok this is out of the blue but the first 787-9 for Gulf Air, ZB858, (LN 689, A9C-FA) is flying to Awali Sakhir Air Base in Bahrain.  I haven't the foggiest idea why but it had left Paine Field at 2:15 PM local time as BOE 858.

Prior to today's flight this aircraft had only the one Boeing (B-1) test flight and, according to my data, is not due to be delivered until late April.  In addition it is flying to a Bahraini Air Base and not a commercial airport so it is a little suspicious unless Boeing wants to show off Gulf Air's new toy to Bahraini royalty which is plausible.  I really doubt this any sort of delivery flight as it is flying under a Boeing test flight number.


Anonymous said...

Its going for the Formula 1 Race this weekend where it will do a flyby.

هيرودوت said...

Gulf air is the main sponsor for Bahrain F1 Grand Prix which planned to be on the 6-7-8 April 2018. The air base is just behind the F1 circle few meters and it sometimes used as private airport for the royal family private jets and the scheduled airshow.

Every year gulf air start the F1 with airshow to its commercial fleet and this year maybe they will show the B787 in this show.

The plane has painted with the F1 logo and the race dates 6-8 April 2018, so we will wait and see what will happen tomorrow.

Jason said...

What a nice timing, they seem really eager to show off their new plane.