Friday, March 9, 2018

Turkish Airlines order 25 787-9s

Turkish Airlines 787-9 - Boeing Photo
 Turkish Airlines announced that they have signed an agreement with Boeing to buy 25 787-9s plus 5 options.  The carrier also agreed to buy the same number of A350-900 and the same number of options from Airbus. However it is not clear if this is a firm order or a signing of an MoU with Boeing.  The Airbus order seems to be an MoU according to press reports but doesn't mention if the Boeing order is firm.

Last fall Turkish Airlines and Boeing did sign an MoU for a purchase of 20 787-9 with options on 20 more 787s so it seems they've opted for 10 fewer 787s while keeping the same number of A350s.  Turkish and Airbus signed an MoU in January for 25 A350-900 and 5 options.  With the agreements today, Turkish will take 60 total widebody aircraft (30 787-9s and 30 A350-900) if all options are exercised.

Deliveries would start next year with 6 in 2019, 14 in 2020, 10 in 2021, 12 in 2022, 11 in 2023 and 7 in 2024.  The carrier didn't specify the delivery breakdown by type in each of those years.


NCPx said...

This says the Boeing deal is finalized:

I have not seen a "finalized" statement re: Airbus-Turkish for 25 x A359. Only reference to MOU.

Mr. Ed said...

It’s kinda bizarre Turkish needs these a/c. Did they not just have a pretty significant financial downturn post-coup? Why not “hold up” for a year or two?

Andrew Boydston said...

Turkish Airlines Signs MOU for 25 Airbus A350-900 Aircraft (Headline)

Tarek said...

Well considering deliveries won’t begin for a year, seems about right for the timeline you expect?

NH 9397 said...

ANA's 787-10 and Japan Airlines’s 787-9 will be registrated as follows:

ANA: ZC116(L/N809) will be JA900A.

Japan Airlines: ZB432(L/N806) will be JA877J.

And ANA’s 787-9 change read as follows:

ZB701(L/N685) JA897A ⇒     JA898A
ZB702(L/N732) JA898A ⇒     JA897A

JT said...

Not much fanfare with the first 787-10 delivered. Two days late on the posting of the delivery. Ho hum just another plane?????????????

Uresh said...

There's a big ceremony planned of March 24th but until then the aircraft will be in Charleston for training purposes and then flown to Singapore around the 24th-25th.

JT said...

Delivered on paper. I thought it was out the door and on it's way. Thanks for the info.

Uresh said...

Yes contractual delivery has been made.