Monday, December 4, 2017

Tracking 787 LoI, MoU and Options

Boeing continues to grow the 787 order book though it does appear that the 787 book-to-bill for 2017 will be over one again, the company did make good progress with orders this year particularly in the second half which will set them nicely for 2018.

These un-firmed orders (letter of intents or memorandum of understanding) orders aren't official until the detailed contract with customers are negotiated and signed.  These unbooked orders along with options represents a significant chunk of the firm order book if and when they are finalized.

I'm attempting to quantify the MoUs, LoIs, and Options for the 787 and have started putting together a table which is far from complete.

CustomerModelUnfirmed Ordered (LoI or MoU)Options (Any Model)Options - 787-8Options - 787-9Options - 787-10Total
American Airlines5858
Eva Air787-1066
Garuda Indonesia787-93030
Malaysia Airlines88
Turkish Airlines787-9202040
United Airlines5050
Virgin Atlantic Airlines787-944

If there is any information that is missing, please shoot me a message and I'll add it to the table.  You can also view this table as part of the 787 Spreadsheets that I maintain.


Basil said...

From all the Media relseases it looks like QANTAS will continue to take the 787-9 for the next batch of 8.
There is some thought that they might take the 787-10 for the Trans- Continent Perth to Mel/SYD/Bris and maybe use them on the flight to NZ to replace the A330.
But time will tell.

mrumprecht said...

PIA or is it from a lessor? More RAM since its back in the firing order. azerbaijan ordered more. okay air from china -

greg smith said...

Avianca keeps showing 8 787 9's in their backlog

Traveling Man said...

If even half of those became firm commitments, Boeing will have around 1450 total 787 orders. And they're still selling pretty well.

Anybody know how many 787's Boeing is saying they have to sell now to break even on the program?

Jan said...

Norwegian has 10 Options for 787-9

Jan said...

By the way, all 787s for Norwegian are ordered by the parent company Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA in Norway, except for planes taken from leasing companies. All 787s exept for one (G-CJGI) are operated by Norwegian Air Shuttle (IATA code: DY). It's Irish subsidiary Norwegian Air International Ltd does not order any planes, only NAS does for the group. Neither does NAI operate any 787s and never have. They only operate 737-800s and 737 MAX8. It is therefore positively wrong to indicate that Norwegian Air International is the Customer or even Operator for any 787s. G-CJGI is operated by Norwegian Air UK Ltd, IATA code: DI.

Daniel D'Arcangelis said...

Travelling Man - the accounting block now stands at 1400 units. That isn't a break-even point per se - rather it is the number of planes certain costs are divided over for the financial statements.

Andrew Boydston said...

I love your effort. A much needed clarification. Thank you for doing this.

Traveling Man said...

I see. Thanks Daniel.

Tarek said...

AC has 23 options: