Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Paris Air Show 2017 - Day 1

The 1st day of the 2017 Paris Air Show is in the books and Boeing did well.  For starters they got a nice order of 30 firm 787-9s from AerCap making them the largest owner of 787 when all the aircraft are delivered at 122 (this includes sale-leaseback transactions).  Boeing also got an MoU from CDB Aviation Lease Finance for 8 787-9s.  The big story was narrowbody orders with Boeing announcing the launch of the largest member of the 737 MAX series, the 737 MAX 10 which would seat up to 230 passengers and a range (with out auxiliary fuel tanks) of up to 5,000 miles.  Boeing expects about 240 orders from 10+ customers during the air show.  Many of these orders are conversions of existing 737 MAX orders to the larger model.

Airbus picked up a large order from GECAS for 100 A320neos (A320 and A321).  Boeing accounted for the only widebody order to come on day 1 of the airshow but I expect that Airbus will pick up an order for the A350 before the end of the show.  The airshow is really going to be a battle of the narrowbodies this year.

Lastly, ZC002 flew to Victorville to continue flight testing there.  Boeing said that they have completed about 30% of the 787-10 flight test program.  If so then I wonder if Boeing can have the aircraft certified by the end of the year?


AerCap - 30 x 787-9 (firm)

ALAFCO - 20 x 737 MAX 8 (MoU)

BOC Aviation - 10 x 737 MAX 10 (MoU)

CDB Aviation Lease Finance - 42 x 737 MAX 8 (MoU); 10 x 737 MAX 10 including 6 conversions from 737 MAX 8 (MoU); 8 x 787-9 (MoU)

GECAS - 20 x 737 MAX 10 (conversion of 20 737 MAX 8 orders - firm)

Lion Air - 50 x 737 MAX 10 (MoU)

Monarch - 15 x 737 MAX 8 (firm)

Qatar Airways - 20 x 737 MAX 8 (firm) + 40 x 737 MAX 8 options

SpiceJet - 40 x 737 MAX 10 (20 new (MoU), 20 conversions)

Tibet Financial Leasing - 20 x 737 MAX (8/10) (MoU)

TUI Group - 18 x 737 MAX 10 (conversion of 18 737 MAX 8 orders)


Air Lease Corp. - 12 x A321neo (firm)

GECAS - 100 x A320neo/A321neo (firm)


Tianju - 10 x ATR42-600 (MoU)
Xuzhou Jantong - 3 x ATR42-600 (MoU)


APL Express - 7 x Q400 (MoU)


johnv777 said...

Hello Uresh, Can you verify the construction site of LN595 for Air India. Your tables show Charleston, but I would suspect it is Everett, since it is a 787-8 and the load dates do not align for Charleston. Thanks

Uresh said...

It's Charleston. I'm trying to get new load dates.

Traveling Man said...

Gonna have a 797 blog Uresh? I'd follow it. I bet there'll be a lot of interest.

Uresh said...

I'm going to leave the 797 to someone else. One airplane program is enough.

Ted Cleveland said...

Thanks for doing this Paris Air show review, really great info!!

Daetrin said...

FYI for LN595, the Assembly Location says Everett on the sheet.

johnv777 said...

Hi Uresh, take a look at the captions under this picture, regarding LN # 595 for Air India.