Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Confusion regarding 787 engine issues

Yesterday I reported that several 787s needed to ave their thrust reversers changed out as there is an issue with several of them.  Today another source told me that there aren't any issues with the thrust reversers but there are one off issues with the GE engines and that the engines on a JAL 787-9 airframe are being changed out which necessitated the removal of the thrust reversers for the change out.

Just this evening another source said that ZB376 (LN 481, G-ZBKO) for British Airways is being rolled out tonight sans its Rolls Royce Trent-1000 motors.

There clearly seems to be some sort of issue but the information I have says that there isn't any systemic issue with the 787 thrust reversers.  It does appear that test flights, for the most part, are on hold for the time being.  What is still unknown is the nature of these issues and the affect on the test flight and delivery schedule.

Lastly in news unrelated to the engine issue; Boeing South Carolina will shut down for about 11 days (between August 22 and September 2nd) so that suppliers can retool for the 787-10 production that will start later this year.  It will also give Boeing to catch up on late work and allow some workers to take vacation.  I'm not sure if the same is happening in Everett.


David Cummings said...

do we have any dates yet for when the first 787-10 will enter final assembly

Uresh said...

Nothing official yet. I expect late December.

Paul Clark said...

Hi Uresh

I was at CHS last week just before the latest Avianca B788 was delivered and noted that it was carrying the registration N791AV and not N787AV.


Uresh said...

Thank you!

Pablo Alejandro Higuita said...

LN 476 for Avianca will be N792AV..

LN 513 for Avianca, will be N793AV

larmeyers said...

ANA 788 JA840A engine failure early in takeoff roll yesterday with video:

Shahbaz Shabbir said...

Hope so issues of 787 ,ll be resolved with the passage of time.
Boeing must be Concerned about 787 repo