Sunday, July 3, 2016

Boeing delivers 14 787s in June; 38 in 2Q16

Testing Complete2
To be assembled in Everett131
To be assembled in Charleston90
Parts Arriving6
Undergoing final assembly10
Storage/Change Incorporation and Re-Work1
Change Incorporation and Re-Work6
Pre-Flight Prep13
Production Testing8
Non Customer Flight Tests1
Ready for Delivery0

The 787 program finished the the 2nd quarter 2016 in strong fashion with 14 deliveries in June and 38 for the 2nd quarter 2016 and 68 for 2016.  Since program deliveries began in September 2011, Boeing has delivered 431 787s and is on track to deliver number 500 in December. It must be emphasized that for Boeing to reach 500 787 deliveries by the end of December of this year, everything has to go right which means that there can't be any delays from suppliers (a la Zodiac) or any other production or testing hiccups.  Also the customer has to be ready to take delivery by December 31st and any financing has to be in place (i.e. no Ex Im Bank issues). The total deliveries in June equaled the number of 787s delivered in May though the mix was more 787-9s vs. the 787-8.  Notable deliveries included the last 787-8 on order for Japan Airlines, the first 787-9's for Hainan leased from ALC (also ALC's first 787 delivery) and TUI.  Ethiopian started taking delivery of the second tranche of 787-8 which is being sourced from the early build aircraft that have been in storage.  This is aircraft is ZD004 (LN 12, ET-ATL).  Ethiopian is expected to take delivery of 2 more early build 787-8s this year.

It had taken ZD004 2,432 days from the start of final assembly to be delivered to a paying customer.  This is over 6 year and 8 months.  On the flip side, ZB238 (LN 449, PH-BHG) which is a 787-9 for operated by KLM leased through AerCap took 61 days from final assembly to delivery. Last month ZB024 (LN 438, JA864J) took 57 days, less than two months, from start of final assembly to delivery to Japan Airlines.  This is a new record for the 787 program. These deliveries truly illustrate how far the 787 program has come since the trouble times of 2007-2012.

Boeing rolled out 14 787s in the past month while starting final assembly on a further 13 aircraft.  The production efficiency for June was a not as good as it was in may.  With 14 deliveries and 14 roll outs from both Boeing factories the efficiency ratio is 1.  The efficiency was little worst at Everett (1.14) than at Charleston (0.86).  The efficiency for the first half of 2016 was a little low compared to what one would expect.  The efficiency for the program is 1.06 with the efficiency at Everett at 1.09 and Charleston is 1.03.  I do expect that the production efficiency should improve next month as Boeing will probably roll out around 12 787s while delivering around 13 to 14 aircraft.  Currently Boeing is pushing a 787 through final assembly in Everett in 20 to 21 days while it takes Charleston about 28 to 29 days.  When Boeing starts assembling the test 787-10s in Charleston the production 787-8s and 787-9s would all temporarily go to Everett in order to avoid any potential disruptions to airplanes in the customer flow while assembling and testing the -10.  Therefore I expect that production standard -8 and -9s will be coming off the Everett line at a faster rate during the periods of -10 test aircraft assembly in Charleston.

As for July deliveries, I expect 13 to 14 deliveries.  The unknown delivery is ZD006 (LN 14, ET, ATN) for Ethiopian.  Currently I don't have a date for its C-1 flight and the delivery date is unconfirmed.  It is, however, currently being painted in Victorville and should fly back to Everett around the middle of July.  IT would be the 14th delivery if it is delivered by the end of the month.

Other notable deliveries taking place in July would be Qatar Airway's 30th and final 787-8.  This aircraft has been ready for some time and is due to be delivered on July 13th...right in the middle of the Farnborough Air Show.  I suspect that this is for maximum publicity for Qatar's expected exercise of its 30 787 options.  It also coincides with Boeing's 100th anniversary celebrations that are taking place during the air show.

Another notable delivery, actually 2 of them to the same carrier is the delivery of Hainan Airlines first 2 direct purchased 787-9s.  Boeing lists this order on their books as unidentified (for 30 787-9) but I believe they will reveal this order during the air show.  First delivery will take place about 2 weeks later.  The first direct purchased 787-9 is already painted and at Charleston while the second will be ferried for painting this coming week after the July 4th.

Next week I'll be reporting on the activities taking place during Farnborough 2016 so watch this space for daily updates during the air show.  In the meanwhile browse the 787 reports through the links below:

787 Full Production Table


greg smith said...

Does emirates finally commit to the 787 at farnborough..?

Uresh said...

Mope, they already said public ally that they won't be making an announcement between the 787 and A350 at Farnborough.

Hiromichi Notake said...

Japan Airlines’s 787-9 will be registrated as follows:

ZB424(L/N572) will be JA869J.