Thursday, November 5, 2015

Boeing posts new 787 order for El Al and a surprise with the Aeroflot 787 order

This morning updated it's weekly net orders and El Al showed up as mentioned in Boeing's press release last week. El Al is in for 3 787-9s and will firm the remaining 6 orders over time.

Also an extremely interesting development with the Aeroflot order. The airline has been on the record as saying they intend to cancel the order for 22 787-8s.  

With the monthly update to the 787 order book now out, it seems that Aeroflot converted 4 787-8 into 787-9!  Not something you'd expect from an airline that so publicly announced their intention to cancel a couple times since the summer.  Seems there's more to this drama than meets the eye.

787 Full Production Table


1coolguy1 said...

Aeroflot - Putin's control over everything that occurs in Russia is unmitigated. Doing business in Russia is a compete wild card, as he has caused all Western companies of size to pull back and wait out until things are much more certain. The Russian market is not that big and corruption is the common thread throughout their economy. Aeroflot is the governments airline so I am sure Boeing is hedging their bets with any order from them and possibly requiring more advance funding than from other customers. Russia may be a decade or more off from being back to where they were in the 90's, before Putin's "reign".

HK Expat said...

One would assume that the odds of LN 22 being delivered this year are falling swiftly if its still at the EMC with ~6 weeks to go.

Joshua Yuen Jia Jun said...

is there a PH-BHB?

Nick said...

Yes, but it's not a 787:

John N Mitchell said...

Google for PH-BHB.
You will find that a Hot Air Balloon uses PB-BHB.