Tuesday, March 17, 2015

First 787-9 built at Boeing North Charleston flies away to Denver

Boeing Photo

Photo by reader

Photo by reader

Photo by reader
The first 787-9 to be built at Boeing North Charleston was formally flown away by United Airlines to it's hub in Denver.  The aircraft will go through the United process of inducting the aircraft into revenue service.

Boeing got the ok to start 787-9 deliveries after the FAA approved the 787-9 production certificate for the North Charleston plant.


Nick Johnson said...

Is this the fastest any new widebody has reached 250 deliveries?

Also, I wonder if Boeing set a record for the number of initial and smallest widebody models sold before modifications and upgrades. The 777-200 was upgraded to the -200ER fairly quickly, whereas the 787-800 initial model has sold almost 500 copies.

Nick Johnson said...

In my last post, I said 787-800, should have been 787-8 obviously.

Hiromichi Notake said...

Could you revise information as follows?

ZB413(L/N369) is from JA876A to JA875A.
ZB414(L/N401) is from JA877A to JA876A.
ZB415(L/N414) is from JA878A to JA877A.

and ZA144(L/N428) will be registrated as JA878A.

Anonymous said...

This is great news - Hainan to further order 30 787-9s (as compared to their existing order of 10 787-8s):


Hainan is kinda known as a difficult / picky customer. This new follow-on order sounds like a ringing endorsement from an experienced 787-8 operator.