Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Boeing falls short on November 787 deliveries, off to a slow start in December

Last month Boeing delivered an anemic number of 787s despite the growing backlog of aircraft at both Everett and North Charleston.  By the end of November, Boeing had delivered 96 787s for 2014 and needs to deliver a further 14 aircraft by the end of December in order to meet their goal of 110 787 deliveries for the year. The delays have pushed aircraft that were to be delivered in November to December yet almost 1/3 of the way through December Boeing has delivered only 1 787. 
According to the latest information (which changes more often than I can keep track), Boeing is looking to deliver 18 more 787s this month in addition to the 1 that has already been delivered to Air New Zealand.  I do believe that this number will eventually be trimmed down to 14 if not fewer.  Several aircraft have not had their B-1 flight as of yet despite having delivery dates later this month.  Several might also be pushed in January due to issues with customer supplied interiors and financing among other issues.  Other sources of delays maybe driven by weather conditions (B-1 flights have weather restrictions placed on them for safety sake) as well as the upcoming Holidays.  Boeing had delivered 15 787s in June of this year so it is entirely possible for them to crank out this number and I do think they can deliver 110 for the year but they do need to pick up the pace.  There are several 787s that were scheduled for delivery in December but those aircraft have already slipped into January, among them the first 787s for American Airlines and Scoot.
Among the candidates that expect deliveries this month are:
Aeromexico - 1
Air India - 1
ANA - 1
Avianca - 4 (787s that were delayed for yet unknown reasons but suspected to be interior furnishings)
Azerbaijan Airlines - 2 (rumored to have financing issues to complete the purchase, any one have any spare nickels and dimes to lend to them?)
Etihad - 1 (rumored to be delivered in January)
Japan Airlines - 2
Korean Air - 1 (terrible teen aircraft LN 11 for VIP transport but still needs to do a B-1)
Royal Air Maroc - 1 (still need to fly a B-1)
Thai - 1
TUI Travel (Arke) - 1
United Airlines - 1 (last 787-8 for UA)
Virgin Atlantic Airways - 1 (787-9, still needs to do a B-1)

A full year end review will be written up soon after the New Year followed by a 2015 Look Ahead.


Piotrek_ said...

LN22 was moved outside the EMC and LN12 is on the E1 now. I wonder if they completed LN14 and are shifting frames inside or re-work will be interrupted by something else again...

Fedupjohn said...

LN245 ZA335 Charleston 84 Days a record

Piotrek_ said...

LN11 was moved out from paint hangar to flightline:

LN263 is in stall 102 or 103:

and all early frames were moved outside the EMC building... LN14 still without engines:

1coolguy1 said...

Uresh -
If Boeing is going to catch up with it's delivery failure in November and have a successful December of 10 plus November with 4 more, they better hope Avianca and Azerbaijan come through.
What is the prognosis on these for December?