Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Boeing delivers Air Canada's 1st 787

Boeing has made contractual delivery of Air Canada's first 787-8 yesterday.  The aircraft ZA610 (LN 160, C-GHPQ) will remain at Everett until May 18th when it will fly to Air Canada's base at Toronto's Pearson International Airport.
Air Canada has two more 787s that have been assembled though it appears that one of them was damaged in a forklift incident during seat loading at the EMC.  This aircraft, ZA612 (LN 174, C-GHPU) is still at the EMC though it is outside on the ramp.  ZA611 (LN 170, C-GHPT) is still on the Boeing Everett Flightline awaiting its B-1 flight.

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Andrew Boydston said...

Uresh; On 5/13/2014 a 787-9 took flight for 18 hours and 9 minutes, any details about this test flight?

Uresh said...

Doing another ETOPs flight test.