Thursday, March 8, 2012

Update to March 2012 787 deliveries

UPDATE: Boeing will be sending one of the 787 built for Air India to an Airshow in Hyderabad which is to take place next month. It will have a full interior as ordered by Air India but it won't be delivered as the Government of India is still debating, apparently, whether to accept the 787 into Air India. As such these aircraft, already built are in limbo due to the financial situation at Air India as well as AI's demands for $1bn in delay compensation. Again it seems that Air India is trying to get Boeing to pay for its own gross mismanagement of the air line. The 787 order is being held hostage due to this situation. ZA236 is goingto be flown to Boeing Field, ostensibly to prepare it for the show but also to help free up space at Everett. I can see Boeing flying more service ready 787s there in order to free up space at Everett.

I just got some updated delivery dates for 787 deliveries this month.

ZA117 (LN 40, JA806A) on March 21 for ANA
ZA177 (LN 23, JA822J) on March 29 for JAL
ZA179 (LN 33, JA825J) on March 29 for JAL

The two JAL deliveries moved up 2 days while the ANA delivery slide by 5 days. Again this information is preliminary and may change as conditions change at Boeing. Again no word on delivery to Air India of ZA236 (LN 35, VT-ANH). Special thanks to Snooze Control. I would also like to ask Snooze Control to send me an email to ureshs at aol com


Joostdg said...

I think ZA236 just filled a flight plan:

Might be a good indication that delivery could be this month or beginning next month.

dynamicsguy said...

Surely you mean LN23, not LN24, in this and your last post.

As a general comment, the projected delivery numbers in your spreadsheet seem optimistic. The latest guidance from the 2011 full year earnings call was for 70-85 combined 747-8 and 787 deliveries this year, of which "approximately half" were 787s.

At the moment you have 68 deliveries of 787s alone. I would have thought that a maximum total around 50 was more realistic.

Joostdg said...

Boe236 just left for Indira Gandhi Int'l (VIDP / DEL)

And I forgot to thank you for the update! Thanks Uresh!

Joostdg said...

Hey Uresh,
Question, do you know what ZA005 is doing? What kind of tests is it flying? And I noticed you changed the positions on the assembly line to only position 0,1 and 3. Have they reduced the work on the FAL to devote more resources to the already fineshed frames?
Thanks again!

Uresh said...

ZA005 is probably doing some Boeing flight test but I don't know the nature of those tests. Boeing is doing some sort of work on position 2 & 4 in the 787 final assembly bay but not sure what. It might be just maintenance bit it's not something that's long term.

johnv777 said...

Hello Uresh,
There might have been additional activity on the Final Assembly line. According to reports, Jim Albaugh stated that the current LN#s on the assembly line are LN# 61 in position 1 and LN#62 in Position 0. These two represent the first A/C at the 3.5 monthly rate.

AnanyJ said...

Hey Uresh,
ZA 236 (VT-ANH) Came here, to Delhi, on 12th of March... and then left for Hyderabad for an Airshow where it was put for static display. It came back to Delhi/VIDP yesterday and it has already left for Seattle, I guess it's about to reach there. I personally saw it twice at VIDP. But I think it wont be delivered before April.

Joostdg said...

They are flying ZA236 to Lackland AFB. Can't be good i think:(

Uresh said...

It probably means that AI and Boeing has not come to any sort of agreement on the compensation issue. Or that AI and the goverment of India still doesn't know what to do with the 787 order. Either way I don't think it is an idication that these airplanes aren't ready to be delivered to Air India. These planes can be delivered tomorrow if the type certification is done.

Rob said...

How many air craft are ready for AI?

Are the two deliveries for JAL still on track for 3/29?

Any idea how many deliveries for April?


Uresh said...

Boeing has one 787 ready for AI (at lezast it seems that it's ready). I don't expect this to be delivered until April or May. JAL is stil on track so far as I know to get 2 787s this month. I don't have any info for April.

Rob said...


Johanny said...

Ooops, try this for JA826J