Friday, September 16, 2011

Delivery Delayed

Boeing Photo
Cargolux Airlines informed Boeing that they do not intend to take delivery of the first 747-8F on Monday, September 19th. The reason are unresolved contractual issues for the aircraft. While this may be a temporary bump to eventual delivery to the aircraft the concern is what effect wold this have on other 747-8F customers? They may hold out on delivery as well in return to renegotiate their contracts prior to the delivery of their airplanes. This may turn into a serious situation nd the 787 may end being delivered before the 747. Cargolux (and Boeing) has also been touting the impending delivery of the 748F on their web site so it could be some language in the paperwork that needs to be straighten out. So let's see how this contract issue plays out. Cargolux has paid up much upfront costs for these airplanes and they want them right way so they're not going to just walk away.


Anonymous said...

Air India set the precedent by wavering on their orders and blaming Boeing for lost revenues. You wonder if it is going to snowball and everybody is going to insist on discounts or threaten to cancel. I don't like it at all.

Anonymous said...

One week until first delivery of the Dreamliner!