Thursday, April 8, 2010

Airbus delays A380 delivery to Korean Air

In a potential setback to Airbus' plans to deliver at least 20 A380s to customers in 2010, Airbus is delaying delivery of Korean Air's first A380 from 4th quarter of 2010 to the 2nd quarter of 2011 according to Businesweek. The reason is nebulously attributed to production delays though Airbus has been continuously plagued by production problems.

What is troubling is that the delay in delivery is potentially up to 6 months and it is for an airplane that is scheduled to be delivered 8 months from now. One has to wonder about the knock on effects on the A380 delivery schedule as well as the nature of the delay. Another question is what about delivery of A380 for the remainder of this year? Through the end of February, 2010, Airbus has delivered 3 A380s and is planning a production increase to take hold later this year. Currently Airbus is delivering 1 A380 per month and that plan should hold until mid year when the output is to increase to 2/month.

With this latest news, those plans maybe in doubt.

Businessweek: Airbus postpones 1 A380 delivery to Korean Air

Here's a commentary of the A380 production woes by Saj Ahmad at Shoot the dog (part 4)

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