Saturday, February 6, 2010

787 flight tests ramping up and closing on 100 flight hours

Position of ZA001 and ZA002 during flight tests on February 6, 2010 using AirNav Live Flight Tracker 6.0.
Boeing is gradually ramping up the 787 flight test program with the 2 current test flight aircraft in the air simultaneously for the second day in a row. Boeing now has accumulated well over 92 hours of test flight under its belt out of the planned 3,100 hours of flight time needed for testing and certification. Boeing is conducting stability and control tests with both airplanes and are working towards the type inspection authorization which will allow FAA inspectors aboard for the certification flights that would follow the TIA. ZA004 is expected to fire up it Trent 1000s very soon and ZA003 will be conducting deployment tests of the emergency slides. Both airplanes will be flying in the test program within the next 3 weeks.

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