Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Flightblogger: Dreamliner 1 may make an appearance on flightline tonight

Jon Ostrower is reporting on his blog that Boeing is confirming the successful completion of the factory gauntlet as confirming that final gear swing tests are taking place and after that should be cleared to be pulled out to the flightline as early as tonight (Tuesday night). Jon reported on Guy Norris' post that reveal the successful completion of the factory gauntlet.

This would be a successful milestone as Dreamliner 1 wouldn't return to the hanger until after the flight test program is completed (barring any unknown unknown problems that may crop up). On the flightline Boeing is expected to continue gauntlet testing leading to Hot Fire tests, Taxi/Breaking Tests and first flight. The dates for all these are still unknown.

Finally, Jon also is reporting that ground vibration testing is going to start soon (I had earlier reported that ground vibration testing is close to being completed), perhaps as early as tomorrow followed by the HIRF and electro-magnetic interference tests.

Read Jon's report here.

Also Guy Norris has written a great article on testing progress to date and the process going forward. Read his article for Aviation Week here.

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