Tuesday, November 4, 2008

BREAKING: 787 not to fly in '08

This is breaking news that just came out on the newswires. Boeing announced that the 787 first flight will not take place by the end of the 4th quarter 2008. Boeing doesn't yet have a new timeline regarding the 787. This was reported by Vyonne Leach in response to questions and reported on Bloomberg. Read the Bloomberg story here.

This is on top of the news earlier today that Boeing found that about 3% of the fasteners on all four Dreamliners under final assembly were incorrectly installed. Read that report here and here.


Anonymous said...

Nice job Uresh. Thanks for keeping us informed with the 787.

Keep it up!!

Uresh said...

No problem! I try to write 'em when I hear 'em.

Anonymous said...

We appreciate that effort from you. I also like to tank you. Like myself, there are probably many other readers of your blog that like hearing about the 787 whenever posible. It would be nice if we receive any good news about the 787. As of late, it seems like the sky is falling on that program. Boeing must step it up and deliver.

Uresh said...

Agreed that these delays are very frustrating. The strike did not help but the new issue with the fasteners is outrageous and raises more doubts about Boeing's management of the program. It could mean more engineering and assembly work bought in house as well as increased oversight of sub contractors. Right now if I were a betting man, I'd say that first flight will take place around mid February.