Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Paris Air Show 2015 - Day 3

Day three bought more widebody orders for Boeing especially a nice shot in the arm for the 747-8.  Volga-Dnepr signed an MoU for 20 747-8F that will be partly purchased direct or acquired via lease.  Another shot in the arm came in the form of Ethiopian taking up 6 early build 787-8 airframes which I reported earlier but just confirmed today by the airline and Boeing.  This leaves Boeing with only 4 early build 787-8 left to sell:  LN4, LN5, LN17, & LN19 (the last 3 are GE-powered airplanes).

Airbus booked a couple of major MoU for the A320neo but that was about it.  Tomorrow should be the last day for any deals to be announced.  I'm still hoping that Boeing will announce the customers behind a couple of 787-9 deals that have so far remained unknown.

AerCap – 100 x 737 Max 8 (Firm)
Ethiopian – 6 x 787-8 (Firm)
Eva Air – 5 x 777F (LoI)
Garuda Indonesia – 30 x 787-9, 30 x 737 MAX (LoI)
Korean Air – 30 x 737 Max 8 (LoI), 20 x 737 Max 8 (Options), 2 x 777-300ER (LoI)
Minsheng Financial Leasing – 30 x 737 Max and NG (MoU)
Qatar Airways – 10 x 777-8X (Firm), 4 x 777F (Firm)
Ruili Airlines (through AVIC Leasing) – 30 x 737 Max (LoI)
SMBC Aviation Capital – 10 x 737 Max 8 (Firm)
Sriwijaya Air – 2x 737-900ER (Firm), 20 x 737-800 (Options)
Unknown Customer – 1 x BBJ 737 Max 9 (Firm)
Volga-Dnepr – 20 x 747-8F (MoU)

ALC – 1 x A350-900, 1 x A321ceo, 3 x A320ceo (Firm)
Eva Air – 4 x A330-300ceo (MoU)
Korean Air – 30 x A321neo (Firm), 20 x A321neo (Options)
Garuda Indonesia – 30 x A350 (LoI)
GECAS – 60 x A320neo (Firm)
Peach Aviation – 3 x A320ceo (Firm)
Saudi Arabian – 20 x A330-300, 30 x A320ceo (Firm)
Synergy – 62 x A320neo (MoU)
Unknown Customer – 60 x A320neo (MoU)
VietJetAir – 6 x A321 (Firm)

Air Madagascar - 3 x ATR72-600
Air New Zealand – 1 x ATR72-600 (Firm)
BahamasAir – 3 x ATR42-600, 2 x ATR 72-600 (Firm)
Binter Canarias – 6 x ATR72-600 (Firm)
Braathens Aviation – 5 x ATR72-600 (Firm), 10 x ATR72-600 (Option)
Cebu Pacific Air – 16 x ATR72-600 (Firm), 10 x ATR72-600 (Option)
Japan Air Commuter – 8 x ATR42-600 (8 Firm, 15 option)
Unknown Customer - 2 x ATR72-600 (Firm)

WestJet Encore – 6 x Q400

Ping An Leasing – 50 x C919 (LoI)
Puren Airlines – 7 x C919, 7 x ARJ21 (LoI)

Air Castle – 30 x ERJ-190E2 (15 Firm, 15 Option), 30 x ERJ-195E2 (15 Firm, 15 Option)
Colorful Guizhou Airlines – 17 x ERJ-190 (7 Firm, 10 Option)
Skywest – 8 x ERJ-175 (Firm)
United Airlines – 28 x ERJ-175 (Firm)

Superjet International

Yakutia Airlines – 3 x Superjet 100LR (Firm)


Nick said...

Thanks for your work tracking the orders from Paris. The ATR orders are incorrect in a few places. Have a look at for more details. In summary, the Binter Canarias and Air New Zealand orders are both for 72s, not 42s. There are also orders from Air Madagascar (3x 72s) and an unidentified customer (2x 72s), and Japan Air Commuter apparently has 15 options, not 1. Solid performance from ATR!

On the 787 front, it is good to see a good chunk of the early builds now getting allocated. Do you have any insights on who might take the remaining 4, or if Boeing might retain any of them for their own purposes?

Keep up the good work,


Basil said...

I see Aeroflot has cancelled their order....but kept the A350's on order due to "Capacity Issues" in Moscow.

Uresh said...

Boeing is not going to keep any 787s. The first three test machines have been (or will be) donated to museums. The remaining four will be sold.

Unknown said...

I revise my comment as follow:
Today, according to Chube International Airport Company, N787BA(ZA001) decided to be donated Nagoya Chube International Airport(Centrair).It will arrive Centrair at June 22th 13:00(JST). site's language is Japanese.)

Dave said...

Would this now strongly suggest that Line Numbers 17 and 19 are going to Rwandair?

Uresh said...

No, they decided to buy Airbus a couple months ago.

Traveler said...

Gotta hand it to Airbus, they really cleaned up on orders for the A320neo in Paris. I think their backlog is over 4000 jets now.