Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Paris Air Show 2015 - Day 2

Boeing's order book exploded with a number of 737 orders that were announced today.  Airbus posted three orders, the largest coming from Korean Air for 30 x A321neo.  Still there are two more full days for all the commercial manufacturers to make a splash.  So far the only major manufacturer that has been quiet is Bombardier with the C-Series.  Coming on the heels of news that their aircraft is beating weight and performance specs, the company still hasn't posted a sale for the CS100 or CS300.

On the 787 front there were no new orders but there was an apparent cancellation by Aeroflot for the 22 787s that they ordered a few years back.  Apparently things have "changed" and they no longer needed the aircraft.  Given the political climate between the US and USS...er...Russia this is hardly a surprise.  No word on their orders for the A350 and if they're going to be cancelled.  I do believe that the slots that Aeroflot has given up can be quickly filled given the demand for near term delivery slots for the 787.

One bit of positive news is that ALC will be leasing 10 787-10 to Vietnam Airlines thus complementing their 787-9s.  I'm hoping that tomorrow will give us some positive 787 news but as always, watch this space or follow me on Twitter as I'd retweet information coming out of Paris.

AerCap – 100 x 737 Max 8 (Firm)
Eva Air – 5 x 777F (LoI)
Garuda Indonesia – 30 x 787-9, 30 x 737 MAX (LoI)
Korean Air – 30 x 737 Max 8 (LoI), 20 x 737 Max 8 (Options), 2 x 777-300ER (Firm)
Minsheng Financial Leasing – 30 x 737 Max and NG (MoU)
Qatar Airways – 10 x 777-8X (Firm), 4 x 777F (Firm)
Ruili Airlines (through AVIC Leasing) – 30 x 737 Max (LoI)
SMBC Aviation Capital – 10 x 737 Max 8 (Firm)
Sriwijaya Air – 2x 737-900ER (Firm), 20 x 737-800 (Options)

ALC – 1 x A350-900, 1 x A321ceo, 3 x A320ceo
Eva Air – 4 x A330-300ceo (MoU)
Korean Air – 30 x A321neo (Firm), 20 x A321neo (Options)
Garuda Indonesia – 30 x A350 (LoI)
GECAS – 60 x A320neo (Firm)
Peach Aviation – 3 x A320ceo (Frim)
Saudi Arabian – 20 x A330-300, 30 x A320ceo (Firm)

Air New Zealand – 1 x ATR42-600 (Firm)
Braathens Aviation – 5 x ATR72-600 (Firm), 10 x ATR72-600 (Option)
Cebu Pacific Air – 16 x ATR72-600 (Firm), 10 x ATR72-600 (Option)
Japan Air Commuter – 9 x ATR 42-600 (8 Firm, 1 option)
BahamasAir – 3 x ATR 42-600, 2 x ATR 72-600 (Firm)
Binter Canarias – 6 x ATR 42-600 (Firm)

WestJet Encore – 6 x Q400

Ping An Leasing – 50 x C919 (LoI)
Puren Airlines – 7 x C919, 7 x ARJ21 (LoI)

Air Castle – 30 x ERJ-190E2 (15 Firm, 15 Option), 30 x ERJ-195E2 (15 Firm, 15 Option)
Colorful Guizhou Airlines – 17 x ERJ-190 (7 Firm, 10 Option)
Skywest – 8 x ERJ-175 (Firm)
United Airlines – 28 x ERJ-175 (Firm)

Superjet International

Yakutia Airlines – 3 x Superjet 100LR (Firm)


Ztev Konrad said...

Air NZ order was likely to be ATR72-600, as they have ordered others.

pkade said...

When were the Aeroflot planes ordered. They may have done Boeing a favor by giving up planes that were ordered at too low of a price so Boeing could re-sell at a more realistic market price.

Uresh said...

Ordered in 2008 for delivery in 2014 which was then pushed to 2016 and again finally to 2019-2020 but I'm not sure if they were assigned delivery slots that far out.

Bob Franklin UK said...

What is tour Twitter Acct ? So I can follow you !

Uresh said...