Friday, September 23, 2011

Special Delivery - The first delivery of the 787

Today Boeing and ANA completed the contractual delivery of the first 787 which meant that the formal delivery acceptance documents were signed and ANA paid the final installment for ZA101 (LN8). There will be a ceremonial handover on Monday in an elaborate word on if there's a special musical guest for this one but the paperwork was signed today and the aircraft now officially belongs to ANA who will fly it to Haneda on Tuesday. Boeing has also flown ZA103 (LN24), the next 787 to be delivered to ANA, on Sept. 24. It is scheduled for its delivery around mid October.

Currently, delivery of the 747-8F to Cargolux is still on hold though the two Cargolux airplanes have been making test flights in recent days. Despite the cancellation of Atlas Air's three early 747-8F, Cathay Pacific Cargo said that they are satisfied with the 747-8F and intend to go ahead with deliveries starting later this fall.

CNBC is also having a special on the 787 called “Dreamliner: Inside the World’s Most Anticipated Airplane” premiering on Tuesday, September 27th at 9PM ET/PT.

Here are a few links to video of the documentary and web extras:

787 Dreamliner

Inside the Dreamliner

Boeing CEO McNerney and the 787 Dreamliner

And a video of ANA doing a final inspection on ZA101:

Boeing's Official 787 First Delivery Web Site

Here's Boeing's statement on the contractual delivery of the first 787:

Boeing, ANA Complete Contractual Delivery of First 787 Dreamliner

EVERETT, Wash., Sept. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing (NYSE: BA) and ANA have signed the formal documents completing the contractual delivery of the first 787 Dreamliner. Celebrations to mark this historic milestone begin tomorrow in Everett with a delivery ceremony followed by flyaway of the airplane on Tuesday. Today's signing comes after a series of flights, inspections and the transfer of funds.

"Now that the airplane is ready to deliver, the entire team is ready to celebrate," said Scott Fancher, vice president and general manager of the 787 program. "We look forward to honoring our launch customer ANA before they fly their first Dreamliner home to Japan."

Celebrations for Boeing employees begin Monday at 6 a.m. (Pacific time) outside the 787 factory in Everett with the static display of ZA002, one of the flight test airplanes painted in ANA's livery. ANA and Boeing executives, employees, partners and government officials will gather at 9 a.m. for the delivery ceremony in the same location. Airplane 24, painted in ANA's special livery, will join the display during the ceremony. Flyaway of the airplane to Tokyo is scheduled Tuesday morning at 6:35 a.m. from Paine Field.

A live webcast of Monday's delivery events and Tuesday's flyaway can be seen at Video highlights of those events also will be posted to the website.

"ANA has been a tremendous partner from day one," said Fancher. "Through the hard work and challenges, the Boeing team never lost focus on the commitments to our valued customer. We know ANA's customers will love this airplane."

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is an all-new airplane featuring a host of technologies
that provide exceptional value to airlines and unparalleled levels of comfort to passengers. It is the first mid-size airplane capable of flying long-range routes, enabling airlines to open new, non-stop routes preferred by the traveling public.

Composite materials, more-electric systems, advanced aerodynamics and modern engines combine to make the 787 more fuel efficient and provide lower operating costs. Passengers will appreciate the cleaner cabin air, higher humidity and lower cabin altitude that combine to help them feel more refreshed after flying on the 787. Other innovations include larger windows with electrochromic shades, bigger onboard luggage bins and LED lighting.

Testing is continuing on the Trent-100 package b upgrades which will actually be introduced on the next 787 to enter service, LN 24 (ZA103). This aircraft has flown with the package "A" Trent-1000 engines but will be delivered with the package "B" engines next month.

Meanwhile the aviation blogosphere was putting out a ton of reports surrounding the 787 because of this weeks first delivery and I've included a few links below:

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Boeing set to deliver first 787 Dreamliner

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Live Blog: Boeing 787 Dreamliner Pre-Delivery Events

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

747-8F dispute update

Well not too much to report though RC502, the first 747-8F that was to have been delivered to Cargolux did have a customer flight today. This is curious since Cargolux pulled their people out of Everett when the dispute erupted on Friday. They may be back and flying so it MAY be a sign that negotiations are progressing.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Cargolux 747-8F delivery being held hostage by Akbar Al-Baker and Qatar Airways

In a posting by Scott Hamilton this morning, Qatar Airways and it's chief executive Akbar Al-Baker, who have a 35% stake in Cargolux, are allegedly forcing Boeing back to negotiating compensation not just over 747-8F performance shortfalls but also for more compensation for Qatar Airways 787 delivery delays. The later issue was resolved earlier with Al-Baker proclaiming that he was satisfied with the results of the negotiations at the time.

Apparently he has has a change of heart with regards to the compensation thus keeping true to his U-Turn Al nickname in the industry. Now mind you that the customers of the 747-8F knew for over year of the shortfalls in performance of the 747-8F and have already or in the process of negotiating compensation because of the issues that were uncovered during flight testing. Additionally Boeing and engine maker GE are in process of developing performance improvement packages (PIP) for the aircraft's GEnx-2B engines that would be backfitted into the earlier models of the aircraft and would allow them to be flown to the initial contracted performance specs (or very close to those specs).

If Al-Baker is indeed using Cargolux's 747-8F as a ploy to get more compensation from Boeing, he is playing a very dangerous game. 1) He is putting his investment in Cargolux at risk as they do need these aircraft to remain competitive especially when Cargolux's competitors will take delivery. 2) Boeing can say enough is enough and play hardball. Airbus does not have an alternative to the 747-8F and that would anger Cargolux's other shareholders (Al-Baker only owns 35% of the company) as one company is being used to benefit another company.

How this plays out will provide interesting aviation theater which Al-Baker loves. In the meanwhile the 787 looks like will be delivered first and I also don't preclude the ability of Boeing to deliver the 747-8F to other customers who have a firm contract in place with compensation.

Scott Hamilton: Cargolux 747-8F dispute linked to late Qatar 787 deliveries

Flightblogger: Cargolux 747-8F delivery becomes "highly unlikely" this week

Friday, September 16, 2011

Delivery Delayed

Boeing Photo
Cargolux Airlines informed Boeing that they do not intend to take delivery of the first 747-8F on Monday, September 19th. The reason are unresolved contractual issues for the aircraft. While this may be a temporary bump to eventual delivery to the aircraft the concern is what effect wold this have on other 747-8F customers? They may hold out on delivery as well in return to renegotiate their contracts prior to the delivery of their airplanes. This may turn into a serious situation nd the 787 may end being delivered before the 747. Cargolux (and Boeing) has also been touting the impending delivery of the 748F on their web site so it could be some language in the paperwork that needs to be straighten out. So let's see how this contract issue plays out. Cargolux has paid up much upfront costs for these airplanes and they want them right way so they're not going to just walk away.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Never Forget

9/11 Never Forget