Monday, June 15, 2015

Paris Air Show 2015 - Day 1

With day 1 of the 2015 Paris Air Show in the bag, there were a few surprises but on the whole a typical first day at the bi-annual air show. Airbus, which usually saves up order announcements for the big summer air shows (Farnborough or Paris) went out to quick lead.

The surprise was Garuda Indonesia signing LoIs for 30 787-9s along with the 737Max and A350.  No one saw that one coming and it's nice to see the 787 picking up another major customer when this order is finalized.  Despite the A350 order from Garuda, the airlines widebody fleet is mostly the A330 with a few 777-300ERs.

Another surprise...Qatar's firm order for 10 x 777X.  Saj Ahmad of Strategic Aero Research says that this is not the 777X order that Boeing had booked last week along with the 15 x 787 cancellations.  In fact he confirmed my suspicion that Etihad is the source of the 777X order as well as the 15 787 cancellations (though the order is attributable to an unknown customer, it is Etihad's).  Etihad may announce the 777X order at Paris but it currently unknown if they will.

Eva Air – 5 x 777F (LoI)
Garuda Indonesia – 30 x 787-9, 30 x 737MAX (LoI)
Qatar Airways – 10 x 777-8X (Firm), 4 x 777F (Firm)

ALC – 1 x A350-900, 1 x A321ceo, 3 x A320ceo
Garuda Indonesia – 30 x A350 (LoI)
GECAS – 60 x A320neo (Firm)
Saudi Arabian – 20 x A330-300, 30 x A320ceo (Firm)

Air New Zealand – 1 x ATR42-600 (Firm)
Japan Air Commuter – 9 x ATR 42-600 (8 Firm, 1 option)
BahamasAir – 3 x ATR 42-600, 2 x ATR 72-600 (Firm)
Binter Canarias – 6 x ATR 42-600 (Firm)

WestJet Encore – 6 x Q400

Ping An Leasing – 50 x C919 (LoI)
Puren Airlines – 7 x C919, 7 x ARJ21 (LoI)

Air Castle – 30 x ERJ-190E2 (15 Firm, 15 Option), 30 x ERJ-195E2 (15 Firm, 15 Option)
Colorful Guizhou Airlines – 17 x ERJ-190 (7 Firm, 10 Option)
Skywest – 8 x ERJ-175 (Firm)
United Airlines – 28 x ERJ-175 (Firm)

Superjet International

Yakutia Airlines – 3 x Superjet 100LR (Firm)


Traveler said...

Good news. Though it'd be nice to see Boeing picking up a few more orders for the 737Max.

Uresh said...

Got three more days to go.

Greg.S. said...

I'd love too see Qatar commit to the 787-10,and finalize the long outstanding Hainan order as well.

Trapperpk said...

100 Max are floating in the rumor world, it may "close" before shows end. The Boeing goal is an end of year wrap-up of all hanging orders. Hainan is waiting, as always on government approval before signing. It looks very promising, since they have opened a Direct flight into San Jose with its 787. A strong signal China's check list is being met before confirming the 30 order. Lots of Boeing loose ends, not in time for Paris bragging. Dubai is shaping up in Paris from the lake of announcement category. Emirates maybe ready to close at Dubai with a 100 787-10's as the headliner purchase. Certainly not Paris! :)

Traveler said...

Looking like a good day for 737 orders in Paris! Ask and you shall receive!

Vab Andleigh said...

So with Aeroflot cancelling their order for 22 of the 787-8s due to market conditions and delays (probably ruble devaluation), given that their delivery slots started in 2016, any guesses on who grabs those precious early 787 delivery slots?